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    Right click on windows 11

    so when i tried right clicking on something like desktop, file, other. this right click menu is such an pain so i decided to look up an tutorial on how to get the old right click menu on windows 11 and it used to work but today it dosent work now. so i kept trying and trying and nothing works so...
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    discord problem

    help help plz when i post or type an text on discord it gets like dissapears like when thanos snaps his finger powers!!!!!!!!11111!!!11111 im trying to flex my dog on discord and kept on dissapearing like thanos snaps it so if you are an discord expert or an OG discord then pls help idk why this...
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    All windows apps are not opening

    so i accidentaly uninstalled some important windows app that i didn't know that crashes all windows system apps including camera ,store ,clock and all windows system apps. i tried searching online on how to reinstall it and said i have to enter some random powershell administraitor and kept...