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    Get full menu options

    To fix Win 11 most annoying feature, I tried a registry hack to restore the full menu options, instead of always getting, "More Options" Instructions were recently posted on, Toms Hardware. How to Get Full Context Menus in Windows 11 However, it did not work for me. Any suggestions??
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    Wondering if, Image Composite Editor is freeware? The program is almost 10 years old. Seems Version 2 for the 64-bit operating system is no longer available while the 32-bit is available? Somewhat curious also? I have the 64-bit installation file and wondering if I can distribute it on my...
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    Application fonts not scaling when using 4 K monitor

    Some legacy applications such as MS Publisher 2002 (just one example} are not scaling correctly when viewed on my 4K monitor. Fonts are so small and very difficult to read? If I change the screen resolution each time the program will view normally. But, too cumbersome to do each time running...
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    Network Credentials

    I changed the name on one my network computers and now I cannot access. A pop-up asking me for credentials? Top line says; "enter Network Credentials", next line says, "Enter Your Credentials". I have tried most previous passwords that I can recall without success. So, what is it asking...
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    monitor colors; Yellow looks green

    Tried substitution check with different monitor. Changed all cables. Installed new video card. Tried Windows calibration and color management. Problem still exists. HP Envy , Windows 10 Comments, suggestions welcome !