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    Serious problem Repeated error messages about the OS not being genuine

    I am at my wits end with this. I have had my Asus laptop for almost a year with no problems with the OS. After weeks in hospital finally got home and turned on the laptop. Now I am getting repeated error messages saying my OS is not genuine. ANY advice or thoughts are much appreciated.
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    Any Fantastic uninstall software???

    I have been trying various types of uninstall software to get rid of some stubborn apps that refuse to show up on the list of things installed on my system, so can't get rid of them. One really stubborn program refuses to be uninstalled in any way -- it is Avanquest System Suite 8.
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    Need help with installer.

    I have tried multiple times to download windows installer, but apparently am not doing it right. Any suggestions? I am running Vista Ultimate and am having such a fiercely tough time trying to get MS Outlook 2007 to work right due to a faulty install of the Installer app that I have take...
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    Please advise. Install over current but other versionn

    I could really use some good advice. Currently running Vista Ultimate, but no clue where my activation key is. Long story, but my system is cluttered with a lot of partially uninstalled apps. Now, I am seriously thinking of bidding on eBay for Win Vista Business. Questions: 1] If I don't...
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    I'm confused. Is 7 replacing Vista?

    Just checking. Is 7 like some advanced SP pack added to Vista, or a whole replacement for Vista? I hope not a replacement already, since I am going to be making a tutorial for people at work in the next month or so. Let me know. Thanks.
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    Can using Mozilla hinder updates??

    I can't seem to install ANY update to Vista. It appears to start downloading them but nothing at all happens -- not even an error code. Could it be that it will only install with IE and not Mozilla as browser?
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    Defender update error code

    Anyone have Defender keep hollering that it can't install updates, with the error code of 0x80004002? Any good comprehensive list of error codes specific to Vista?
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    Windows 7 How to download Vista updates?

    I am stuck on something basic. I keep trying to download updates, but the system will not let me. Keeps saying log in as administrator and try again, but I am already logged on as administrator. ANY clues, or ideas are most appreciated.:confused: