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    DFSR Not Replicating

    Hi All, I have this issue with a farm of 5 Domain Controllers (Windows server 2012 and 2016). DFSR is not replicating SYSVOL folder to any of the of the domain controllers. Here is a quick topology of the servers. DC01 - Primary Domain Controller DC02 - Child Domain Controller DC03 - Child...
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    Outlook Read Receipts

    Hi everyone, I know this isn't an Office forum however i don't know where else to put it or ask. I have a user who's read receipts in outlook are coming back in a different language to what there language is set to. Has anyone encountered this or does anyone know anything about this? Had a look...
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    Windows Server 2012 Essentials R2 - Customisation

    Hi Everyone, I have just set up remote access for Windows Server 2012 Essentials R2 and i want to change the image below. I have found the path, i have found the location, however when i try to overwrite the file already there i am not able to even with all the permissions on the folder...
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    Work Folders

    Hi, i am trying to set up workfolders on a pc however am getting the error attached. OS - Windows 10 - latest build - all windows updates installed. Has anyone come across this or could suggest some resolutions. Thanks in advance! 13th
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    Windows Server Wyse Terminals

    We have a company that only works from multiple RDS, they connect through their wyse terminal using RDP. However, when they play a video on their wyse terminal the video will glitch and frames will display on the terminals later than the server. Has anyone come across this problem and a way to...
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    Windows 10 UAC appears everytime I log in to local account.

    I have a relatively new laptop and am setting it up. I created one local administration account and one local standard account for my one of my Laptops. However, when i log in to my local standard account I am prompted by UAC asking if windows command processor can make changes to my PC. I have...
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    Windows 10 Devices connected to domain network not showing on network explorer

    I am an administrator on a small business domain network. When viewing my network within the file explorer there are no devices showing however i am connected to the domain and can ping other devices on the network and receive a reply back. I am running the latest win10 pro version with all...
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    Windows 10 WIN10 MS ISATAP Adapter & MS Teredo Tunneling Adapter error.

    WIN10 MS ISATAP Adapter & MS Teredo Tunneling Adapter both reporting error 38 - adapter has previous version stored in memory. Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this?