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    Something is changing my files to Read Only

    Something is suddenly changing my files to Read Only. It seems to be affecting Office 2016 files. What's causing this and how do I stop it?
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    Lost Trashcan Icon

    Recently the trash icon changed to what looks like a "page". In system settings the icons look correct but do not take effect. I've re-booted this this did not fix the problem. Then, in File Explorer, I deleted IconCache.db, emptied the trash and rebooted. The Trash Can still has the “page”...
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    Windows 10 Anniversary update failure

    I downloaded the Win10_1607_English_x64.iso file and burned it to disk. I tried twice to install. Both attempts failed! After completely running through the installation, the first attempt gave the error 0xc1900101-0x40017 and the second attempt gave the error 0XC190010-0X4007. Grrrrrrrrrrrr! In...
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    How to reinstall Office 2016 after Windows 10 update

    I'm about to clean install Windows 10 update. I'm concerned about reinstalling Office 2016 since it was loaded from Microsoft on line. I don't have an installation file or DVD disk. How do I reinstall it?
  5. J

    product key for win 10 upgrade

    I just downloaded the windows 10 anniversary update. I plan to do a clean install from an ISO file. When it asks me for a product key, do I enter my current windows 10 product key?
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    Microsoft Windows Solitaire Collection will not open

    Microsoft Solitaire collection on Windows 10 stopped opening. I ran wsreset.ext and ran the windows-10 troubleshooter. They did not solve the problem. The program had been running fine but suddenly stopped. I did not add any new programs.
  7. J

    freeze during reboot

    I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. However, the system freezes every time I reboot. Windows freezes during the shutdown portion of the reboot. I have to press the power button and turn off the computer. I then have to press the power button again to start the computer.
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    Can’t setup Homegroup on Windows 10

    I’m trying to setup a Homegroup connection between my desktop and laptop computers. Both are Windows 10. The desktop is connected to my router via Ethernet and the laptop uses wireless. The Homegroup on the laptop seems to be working ok. When I click Homegroup in Windows Explorer, it shows the...
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    Desktop icon font

    My desktop icon text have suddenly changed to shadow or outline. How can I change it?
  10. J

    Desktop Icons

    The text below Windows 10 desktop icons is in a very narrow column. Is there any way to widen the text column?
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    Clean Install with Windows 10 free download

    I want to clean install Windows 10 on a Windows 7 system. I downloaded a windows 10 ISO file and created an installation DVD. Do I need to perform an upgrade from Win 7 first and then perform a clean install of Win 10? One source I've read says that this is no longer necessary (How to clean...
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    Turn off Windows notification

    I have downloaded Windows 10 but still get notifications to download it. How do I stop the notifications?
  13. J

    Windows 10 Word instability problem

    I just loaded Windows 10 on my laptop. I have problems typing with Word 7. The curser jumps to different location in the document; sometimes the document zooms to a larger size, etc. I use a Logitech M 304 mouse and downloaded new software, but this did not solve the problem. Sometimes just...
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    Windows 10 Password incorrect

    Every time I start my computer I get the error "Password is incorrect. Try again". I type in my Windows account password and the desktop opens. The computer doesn't seem to remember my password. Should it?
  15. J

    shortcuts stop working

    Ocassionally, some shotcuts on my desktop (not all of them) that refer to folders stop working unless I reboot. Then they work again. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  16. J

    USB auto open

    Win7, 64 bit. When I insert a USB into my desktop computer, it doesn't auto open. However, when I insert it in my Win 7 laptop it does auto open. I would like to set my desktop computer so it auto opens a USB.
  17. J

    DefaultAppPool folders

    Win 7 64 bit. I suddenly a large number of DefaultAppPool and DefaultAppPool.IIAppPool folders have appeared in my User folder. Where did these come from? Can I delete them?
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    uninstall font

    How can I uninstall a font without deleting it? I would like to save it in a folder where I can re-install it if I need it later.
  19. J

    Boot drive

    I have two hard drives: a SSD and a mechanical hard drive. I've set the mechanical as the boot drive in BiOS. However after starting the computer, I can't verify in Windows which drive is the boot drive . How can you tell?
  20. J

    Boot problem

    When I purchased a SSD, I cloned my Windows 7 mechanical hard drive to the SSD and set the SSD as the boot drive. I need to make the mechanical HD the boot drive again. The BIOS (American Megatrends) lists both drives: SATA Port2 - the SSD drive; SATA Port3 - the mechanical HD. However, the HD...