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    Can't access USB storage via LAN

    Hi. My Nvidia shield pro is wired to my router and also my router has a HDD attached to it, like a NAS. I can access the contents of the USB drive on my Nvidia Shield pro and can access the NAS using my Android phone via FX explorer app. However, using my laptop which is on WiFi and on the...
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    How to fix Event Viewer ID 2002, 1017 & 3007?

    ID 2002 IIS-W3SVC-PerfCounters Setting up Web Service counters failed, please make sure your Web Service counters are registered correctly. ID 1017 Perflib Disabled performance counter data collection from the "ASP.NET_64_2.0.50727" service because the performance counter library for that...
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    EventViewer Errors In System and Application

    Hi Lately I've been getting many errors in the event log and using google to find a fix doesn't always help. I was hoping to get some assistance here if it's possible. I'm attaching two event viewer logs (Zipped) of System and Application, hoping it is ok to do so and to get help fix these...
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    DNS isn't responding - repeating error

    Hi Since I got my Win8.1 and Netgear Router R7000 which is connected to Netgear modem ADSL2+ DGND3700, I'm constanly getting disconnection with the following error "Your DNS Server Isn't Responding" I need to reboot my modem every time when it happens. I currently get my DNS from my ISP...
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    Hi all, I got this BSOD out of the blue Didn't install any new hardware or software. BSOD error image attached and log files attached. Thanks
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    Is it worth the change from windows 7?

    Hi all, It's been a while since Win 8 came out and there's a lot of debate whether it's worth the upgrade from Win 7. I installed Win 8 on my laptop just to play with it for a while. I know for a fact that I cannot work with the tiles and without having the start button. Regardless, my...
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    DirectX error message

    Hi My RIG: win7 64 bit SP1 (latest updates installed) Intel core i7 3770k OC 4.5Ghz Asus P8Z77-V-Deluxe BIOS 1805 Rev 1.xx 16GB 4x4GB corsair Vengence CML16GX3M4A1600C9B 9-9-9-24 (XMP profile) Intel 520 240GB SSD (Tested for errors using Intel Utility - Pass) WD 1TB black HDD AMD Sepphire HD6950...
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    Help needed to remove

    Help please. I'm using Malware Bytes and every restart it quarantines this trojan as svchost.exe How can I remove it completely?
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    Security Centre and Firewall Services are disabled on each boot

    Hi all, I have this weird issue with my windows 7. The security centre service and the Windows Firewall are always on disabled status after each boot. The start-up type is Automatic for both of them but it won't stick after a boot has been placed. Please help me solve this issue. Thanks...
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    Hard disk always active and computer is very slow - wasn't used to be like this

    Hi all. I'm running Win7 Ultimate 64bit. This is my rig: CPU: Intel E8500 @ 3.45GHz (OC) RAM: OCZ Titanium 2x2GB @ 1152MHz FSB432x8.0 MB: Gigabyte EX38-DS4 (BIOS F3) GPU: ATI Palit 4870 1GB Dual Edition I have WD HDD 500GB Sata2 and WD HDD 160GB Sata1 for my videos and music only. The main HDD...
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    Can't connect to my remote computer on the same network

    I'm getting this message 0x80070035: Link Removed due to 404 Error Can it be something with the sharing or security?
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    Can't use remote desktop connection - Need help

    Hi there. I have two computers in the same wireless network both running Win7 64bit ultimate. They are in the same network and I can share files between the two and both have internet connection. The computer connected to the router can't access the computer with the USB wireless dongle (the...
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    Creating Image

    Hi. Can anyone recommend on the best free tool for creating image?
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    Admin permissions error while trying to save files

    Hi all. I recently encountered a bizarre error message which occurs randomly (lets say 1 out of 4 tries) when I try to save files. Link Removed due to 404 Error Is there anyway to reset administrator permission to the default like right after windows 7 is installed and see if the problem...
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    Slow loading Desktp/Icons/Start Menu Icons

    Hi. I've just finished doing a repair install for my windows 7. Since then, I encounter these issues: Slow loading Desktp/Icons/Start Menu Icons Can anyone help me fix it? Thanks in advance Gil.
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    Need help with windows back up

    Hi all. I would like to know what is the difference between Backup and creating image. I encountered a strange problem when I wanted to make an image, as well the same problem when I want to make a backup with image. From some reason, windows thinks that drive E is system related, which is...
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    unidentified Network ??

    Hi there. I have a dual LAN on my motherboard and windows 7 installed. No.1 is connected to the internet and no.2 is my LAN. I connect a second computer with windows 7 to the LAN with crossed Ethernet cable. I have internet connection and file sharing on both computers, however the host computer...
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    How can I share an internet connection with 2 Windows 7 computers?

    I have a dual LAN on my mother board. I've enabled the ICS in the sharing tab in the IPv4 Properties. 1=Host 2=Guest No.1 is my main computer and has 2 LAN cards on the motherboard. No.2 is the Media Center. I have a LAN cable to connect them. It used to work when No.2 had WIN XP. Now I can...
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    How can I share an internet connection with 2 Windows 7 computers?

    I've managed to share files between the two but not the internet, although I've ticked the ICS option in the LAN properties on the host computer.
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    Language Bar Disappear

    Language Bar Disappear - Solved I've seen somewhere that in order to restore the language bar there's the CTFMON.EXE that should be added to the registry. However, ever since I have windows 7, I never saw the CTFMON loading in windows start-up and there was no problem with the language bar...