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    Hi I posted a problem I had a short while ago and got good advice. Now I have the same problem. I was playing Assassins creed1V my screen went mad. I hit the power off button . When I came to boot again no OS. I completely formatted my SSD drive but could not load windows 8.1 64 bit or win 10...
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    File bootbcd missing

    Hi I have an ASUS Rogg750js I was online gaming when my machine lit up like a full fire work display. I hit the power off waited then I rebooted but the drives have lost their boot no drives are seen. The boot bcd file is lost. How can I reinstall it. Any help will be greqtfully welcomed. Big pete
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    HP G72 intermitent charge

    Hi HP G72 will only charge intermitently. A new power socket was fitted to see if it was that also anew battery I was told it is a common fault with HP laptops by someone calling himself A LAPTOP DOCTOR. I have had six HP laptops since 2002 and this is the first with this problem. Can anyone...
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    wifi problem

    I replaced my keyboard on my HP G72 110SA. Now I cant get the wireless key to work I have reloaded the drivers. However the atheros driver does not show in the device manager. I have tried. useing CMD command and Hdwwiz.exe but for some reason it does not see the atheros driver. The driver is...