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    schtasks The task XML is malformed.

    Hello, I am trying to import a scheduled task from from the command line to the task scheduler. Before my program runs the schtasks command, it inserts a file path in the <Command></Command> element. The XML file works with schtasks before I insert my file path, but not afterwords. It keeps...
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    My mother's laptop has been gradually crashing more and more with SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTIONs since Windows 10 pushed an upgrade back in October. I published a thread back then to seek support with some other issues the upgrade was causing, but at that time I was unaware of the BSOD errors. My...
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    My sister's laptop has been giving blue screen errors for the past month. Most of them are SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION. I am not sure what is causing it, but I have the dump files for you to look at. Please help me fix this.
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    Windows 10 Issues with October 15, 2019 Windows Update

    Last week my mother installed an update (KB4519978) on her Windows 10 machine. Since then, she has been experiencing some performance issues and is having trouble signing into her laptop. When she opens her laptop and wakes it from sleep mode, one of two things frequently happens: it will...
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    Explorer always... indexing?

    Last year I obtained a free Windows 8 laptop from my neighbor (can't complain about that!). It has worked very well for me until recent months. For whatever reason, the file explorer will randomly stop showing all folders in the side bar and (often) the main window. All I can see is little...
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    Pcap - Capture/Sniff HTTP Packet

    Hello, I am working on a Java application that uses Pcap4J and Npcap to monitor network activity on a Windows computer (it's mainly intended to monitor browser activity, but I like the idea of using Pcap to expand it to all network activity). Ultimately, it is going to be a network...
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    Sound "Unplugged" Error

    My computer was not playing sound from Google Chrome, so I opened the sound manager and clicked the "Configure" button after selecting "Speakers". Half way through the configuration the GUI changed and only displayed a message saying the speakers were unplugged. Ever since then the audio...
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    UAC Prompt for Jars

    Is it possible to show a UAC prompt for a Java jar file? I am aware that one can edit an executable's manifest to require an elevated process, but there seems to be no way to do so with a Jar file. I do not want to edit javaw.exe's manifest. Is there a specific file that that can take file...
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    Require Administrator Password For All Users

    Is there a way to set a windows computer to require an administrator password, even if the current user is an administrator, in order for a program to run as administrator? For example, when an administrator runs a program as administrator, they get this prompt: Could it be set to give them...
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    Porn Detector API?

    Does anyone know of a Java API that opens a given image URL and checks whether or not it is pornographic? I am building a chat bot that will filter out porn from messages and need a method for detection...
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    batch output redirection

    I am totally inexperienced with batch (.bat) files, so please bear with me... I have a Java program that I run with cmd, and I want to record the console output to a text file. In other Java programs I've created, I used jars (.jar) to run the program, thus I didn't need cmd, and I could use...
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    TEMP Desktop?

    I logged on to my computer this morning, but all my files were gone and a new user was added to the "C:/Users" directory called "TEMP". I logged off then logged back on, and everything was back to normal. How did this happen, and how can I prevent it in the future?
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    Define New Keyboard Shortcut?

    I need to create a keyboard shortcut that will shutdown the computer, I already tried the method presented in this third-party project (Windows 7 create a custom keyboard shortcut for your application), and worked at first, but then stopped working; and I couldn't use it on other desktops. How...
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    Create LAN server

    Main Question - Bonus Question -
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    Access desktop without password?

    My sister put a password on my Wii U, and the only way to get a master key so I can reclaim it is via email. The only problem is, when she changed my pin, she also replaced my email with hers. I can access her email if I log on to her old desktop on my computer, where she has her email password...
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    PRP Files?

    I have a little USB mp3 player that I wanted to experiment with, so I copied the hidden files that operate it to my desktop then ejected it. I wanted to view the code operating it, find out what programming language it used, and possibly modify it. It's files were of type PRP, which I have never...
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    Access Forbidden Files

    I was checking things out on my computer and discovered the "Folder and search options" under the "Organize" drop-down menu in windows explorer. It was then when I finally found how to view all the invisible files like the Cookies dir, or desktop.ini. I wanted to open the Cookies dir and look at...
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    FND File

    Hey guys, I was sorting some files that I haven't looked at in many years, and I came across an FND (.fnd) file. I don't know what it is, but it was in with some of my letters. I want to view it, if possible. What is an FND file? and is there a way to view/convert it?
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    Remote Shutdown Failure

    I tried to use remote shutdown (shutdown /i) to turn off one of my upstairs computers that I did not feel like walking to, but when I started it, I got an error saying "Access is denied. (5)". I made sure to follow the steps correctly, I opened CMD as administrator, typed "shutdown /i" hit...
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    How do you find the IP of a computer on your LAN?

    The title says it all. How to I find the IP(s) of computer(s) on my LAN?