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  1. Nimit

    How to reset all permissions to default?

    I couldn't find this anywhere and I really need help about this. Long story short, I thought RESTRICTED PACKAGES, ALL PACKAGES and TrustedInstaller were viruses so I removed their permissions from wherever I could but it turned out to be Windows 10's feature and the permissions are now messed...
  2. Nimit

    Windows 10 Anyway to get my current operating system back?

    Hello, my laptop hard disk had some problem so i replaced it with new one i had Windows 10 previously upgraded from Windows 8.1, now i'm back to Windows 8, can i receive free upgrade to Windows 10?
  3. Nimit

    Windows 10 How to bind keys in SA:MP

    What's up guys? i'm back with one more tutorial based on a game. Ever heard of GTA San Andreas? and San Andreas Multiplayer? So if you ever played San Andreas Multiplayer then you might know that you can bind keys as well, here is video tutorial regarding binding: For a download link of SA:MP...
  4. Nimit

    Windows 10 .exe Files not working after reset

    My laptop with Windows 10 had some viruses/malwares so I decided to reset it. After successfully resetting whenever I run any .exe file it says this: but when I run as administrator it works as usually it should, please help, some applications won't work running as administrator.
  5. Nimit

    Windows 10 Cursor keep moving itself by right click

    Hello, After a recent update to next build of Windows 10 Pro my cursor keep moving itself if i do a right click, If you didn't get my problem watch the video below:
  6. Nimit

    Windows 10 Automatically Lagging

    Hello, I usually use laptop much for my YouTube and my PC for Gaming, my PC was off for one week or about two and when i turn on it will lag really fast it usually gives speed more than maximum and now giving lack.
  7. Nimit

    Windows 10 Application not running

    Hello!, When i open an GTA San Andreas Admin Console nothing happens all it shows is my cursor working for 2-3 seconds and then nothing happens, how can i open the application?
  8. Nimit

    Grammar Help

    Hello, I may did mistake on my few YouTube Videos is it don't forget to subscribe or don't forgot to subscribe? Pls help...
  9. Nimit

    How To Convert Images/Texts to PDF In Windows 10 Without Apps

    I come out with a new HD Video Tutorial!
  10. Nimit

    Sync Gmail and Calendar with Windows 10 Mail

    I have made a video tutorial regarding How To Sync Gmail and Calendar with Windows 10 Mail
  11. Nimit

    Please help!

    I was on my AIO Desktop which has Genuine Windows 8.1 Pro but it licence expires on October 8, 2015 so can you guys please please tell me how can i stop it expires?
  12. Nimit

    Meet the developers behind Microsoft Edge!

    Video is officially uploaded from Windows YouTube Channel. Just play the video.
  13. Nimit

    Make Windows XP Start Menu Look Cool

    I have not found any section of Windows XP Tutorials so i am posting this here. This is my first Windows XP Video Tutorial
  14. Nimit

    How To Install Windows 8.1 In Virtual Box

    And i am with my another video tutorial!
  15. Nimit

    How To Make Microsoft Edge Search Google Instead Of Bing

    How To Make Microsoft Edge Search Google Instead Of Bing PS:- I did'nt got time for screenshot tutorial so i directly made a video.
  16. Nimit

    Windows 10 [ANSWERED] Transparent in Windows 10?

    I have a question, can we transparent our windows 10 borders like in windows 7? i dont wanna download third party apps.
  17. Nimit

    My Virtual OS Tunuku available in Windows 7,8,10

    **IT IS SAFE AND SECURE WON'T AFFECT YOUR WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEM** Please don't forgot to visit and download it guys. Since it is available for only 1366x768 resolution and the 1600x904 resolution, if it matchs your resolution your good to go for download :)
  18. Nimit

    Windows 10 How to make Windows 10 run smooth?

    I need help my Computer have Windows 8.1 and the laptop is Windows 10 so i always do some gaming in my Computer because it gives good FPS but however in laptop every game lags how can i reduce lag and increase FPS any help?
  19. Nimit

    Disable Snap Feature In Windows 7

    Play on the video and follow step by step.
  20. Nimit

    Windows 10 Mouse loading icon keep flickering

    Hey guys so when i start something like file explorer or navigate something in the browser the mouse start its loading icon right? so here is my issue after the loading it keep flicker then stop after some minutes.