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  1. jPaulB

    Restrict Visitor account from applications

    Hi Evertybody, I'm using Windows-10 (Home) and recently added a "guest" account that I call Visitor. I want to restrict the Visitor account from even opening certain applications, such as my private accounting and tax programs. How do I go about doing that?
  2. jPaulB

    Non-Microsoft programs startup "alert"

    Hi Everybody, I've been living with this minor irritant for a long time. I wonder if I can find a setting that will allow me to simply go around this weird-issue and never make me look at it again. Whenever I start a program (that was not produced by Microsoft) I will get an alert asking if...
  3. jPaulB

    Running an non-Microsoft executable requires SKU011.CAB ???

    Hi everybody, I hope someone can guide me through this. I have a program that I really like to use called FolderMatch. Other than run in a Microsoft environment, it is not at all related to Microsoft or Microsoft Office 2003, although I still have that suite installed but the Installation CD...
  4. jPaulB

    Windows 10 Multiple users on my C: drive? Where do they cone from, and can I delete them?

    Hi Everybody, I have a basic question. This is probably all very normal, but as far as I can remember there are only three possible users on my compute .... "me", a "guest", and a mysterious "Administrator". But, My "C:\User\" DIRECTORY shows a bunch of users I don't recognize, and although...
  5. jPaulB

    How can I find out which process or program is active

    Hi everyone, I keep hearing a tone sound from somewhere in the background of my Windows-7 that makes me think something suspicious or even harmful may be working. I have disabled all of the sound tones associates with any Windows event except "Close Program" and "Open Program". The only tone...
  6. jPaulB

    Help with Program Defaults

    Hi Everybody, I have a strange issue, and would like some direction in solving it. I use "Netbeans", which is an IDE program that I can use to build web sites using PHP., and I would like to make "Netbeans" to be the default program that I can trigger by double clicking on any *.php file The...
  7. jPaulB

    What is the <lock> icon in the Windows file-manager, and how do I get rid of it?

    Hi Everybody, I have something new happening in my Windows 7. Three of the directories <Data> <MSOCache> and <Program Data> have tiny 'lock' icons attached to the top of the tree. I'm guessing these mean that I can not open any of the files. So far, it has affected all of the PDF manual...
  8. jPaulB

    Can I change the default icons that appear on the taskBar when the executable runs?

    Hi everybody I'm after changing the icons that appear on my taskBAR so that I can more easily choose which running program to focus. For example, Adobe Reader defaults to a red icon when I open a "PDF" file and I would like to change that to my own personal choice. Anyone have an idea how to...
  9. jPaulB

    Trying to delete a folder

    Hi everybody, I'm trying to delete a folder that contains two files that I do not recognise. The two files are: Name Date Modified Type Size '.substr($m,0,2) file 0KB...
  10. jPaulB

    Device Manager and USB external storage device

    Hello everybody, I hope someone can help me get through this. I have an external USB-disk drive that I want to attach to a desktop. However, although there are no devices beyond the internal disk drive <C:> and the internal DVD drive <D:> the folder viewer (START->Computer) will list <C:>...
  11. jPaulB

    Attaching the tabs from a second instance of iExplorer to the Tab bar of the first instance

    Hi Folks, This is a new version of an issue I have had happen many times. While running iExplorer, I will select an option from a web site page that opens a new instance of iExplorer to show the new content. Until recently, I could drag the tab of the new instance to the Tab Bar of the first...
  12. jPaulB

    Highlight Bar in Folder Views

    Hi Folks. I'm hoping I can find a way to modify this behaviour, if only to save my beady cataract filled eyes some work. When I crawl through the Folder-Views of my HDD, any highlighting I can manage will be a pale blue background. I would really like to change this background feature to some...
  13. jPaulB

    Short Cut Icons... Remove that pesky litte arrow??

    Hi Everybody, Just a thought, All of my desktop icons have the usual arrow identifying the icon as a shortcut. Since I already know these are shortcuts, I wonder if there is any way to remove that arrow from all of the icons? If anyone can give me direction to do that, it would be...
  14. jPaulB

    Individual programs display Default Icons?

    Hi everybody, A couple of the executable programs I have will constantly drop displaying the program icons and show the Windows default icon. This issue appears in both the desktop shortcut, as well as in its location in the explorer dialog box. The two executable programs are Skype and WAMP...
  15. jPaulB

    What on earth does this error-message mean?

    Hi Folks, What on earth does this error-message mean? I get it, once a week or so, during a cold boot. Operation has failed. Backup validadtion Task execution failed. Description: Stage DescriptionSee Operation log for details I have no idea what an Operation Log is... or where it is Thanks,
  16. jPaulB

    Will W-7 allow Start-Menu customization like W-XP?

    Hi Folks, I've accumulated quite a list of software in the START->ALL PROGRAMS selection. I would really like to group them all into four or five folders, and not have to look at so much. Will W-7 allow this, and how can I do it? Regards, Paul
  17. jPaulB

    HotDog (v7.03) a compatability issue

    Hi Folks, I hope I can find some solution for this issue between Windows-7 and a very nice HTML editor known as HotDog. I am sooo comfortable with my HotDog (7.03) The editor is nice because it will display not only an ASCII editable HTML page, but a display of that pages' appearance. It is...