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  1. jPaulB

    Restrict Visitor account from applications

    Hi Evertybody, I'm using Windows-10 (Home) and recently added a "guest" account that I call Visitor. I want to restrict the Visitor account from even opening certain applications, such as my private accounting and tax programs. How do I go about doing that?
  2. jPaulB

    Non-Microsoft programs startup "alert"

    Hi Everybody, I've been living with this minor irritant for a long time. I wonder if I can find a setting that will allow me to simply go around this weird-issue and never make me look at it again. Whenever I start a program (that was not produced by Microsoft) I will get an alert asking if...
  3. jPaulB

    Running an non-Microsoft executable requires SKU011.CAB ???

    Hi Neemobeer, It appears that the forum does not allow for PML files to be attached Totally over my head. Thank you, for the time and effort you are giving up to help me out. -Paul-
  4. jPaulB

    Running an non-Microsoft executable requires SKU011.CAB ???

    Hi Neemobeer, Yes, I do have Office 2003 installed, but SKU011.CAB file is no where on my HDD. The Install CD is also no longer readable, so I could not just use the disc like the installer wants. Regards, -Paul-
  5. jPaulB

    Running an non-Microsoft executable requires SKU011.CAB ???

    Hi everybody, I hope someone can guide me through this. I have a program that I really like to use called FolderMatch. Other than run in a Microsoft environment, it is not at all related to Microsoft or Microsoft Office 2003, although I still have that suite installed but the Installation CD...
  6. jPaulB

    Windows 10 Multiple users on my C: drive? Where do they cone from, and can I delete them?

    Hi Everybody, I have a basic question. This is probably all very normal, but as far as I can remember there are only three possible users on my compute .... "me", a "guest", and a mysterious "Administrator". But, My "C:\User\" DIRECTORY shows a bunch of users I don't recognize, and although...
  7. jPaulB

    How can I find out which process or program is active

    Just a thought, Pat autoruns provided a pretty complete list. I`m a little concerned because it listed programs that have been removed from my computer. I searched the registry and didn`t find any reference to the stuff listed. How did it do that? If you happen to notice this and answer ...
  8. jPaulB

    How can I find out which process or program is active

    Thanks Pat, It'll take some time to use this tool, Sysinternals is pretty deep. Looks like I'll be able to learn just about anything I want concerning my O/S and what it's "really" doing. I can't seem to unzip it though. Am I doing something wrong there? (The components are available right...
  9. jPaulB

    How can I find out which process or program is active

    Well, that didn't resolve the issue. I still randomly hear those tones that suggest an executable (or several executables) have opened ... and the subsequent tones that suggest it/they are closing. I can sit and stare at the list of processes from the task manager. The number of of items in...
  10. jPaulB

    How can I find out which process or program is active

    Thank you, Pat. I appreciate this
  11. jPaulB

    How can I find out which process or program is active

    Hi everyone, I keep hearing a tone sound from somewhere in the background of my Windows-7 that makes me think something suspicious or even harmful may be working. I have disabled all of the sound tones associates with any Windows event except "Close Program" and "Open Program". The only tone...
  12. jPaulB

    Help with Program Defaults

    Hi Everybody, I have a strange issue, and would like some direction in solving it. I use "Netbeans", which is an IDE program that I can use to build web sites using PHP., and I would like to make "Netbeans" to be the default program that I can trigger by double clicking on any *.php file The...
  13. jPaulB

    What is the <lock> icon in the Windows file-manager, and how do I get rid of it?

    Hi Everybody, I have something new happening in my Windows 7. Three of the directories <Data> <MSOCache> and <Program Data> have tiny 'lock' icons attached to the top of the tree. I'm guessing these mean that I can not open any of the files. So far, it has affected all of the PDF manual...
  14. jPaulB

    Can I change the default icons that appear on the taskBar when the executable runs?

    Hi everybody I'm after changing the icons that appear on my taskBAR so that I can more easily choose which running program to focus. For example, Adobe Reader defaults to a red icon when I open a "PDF" file and I would like to change that to my own personal choice. Anyone have an idea how to...
  15. jPaulB

    Trying to delete a folder

    Thanks, Titanic!!! That UnLocker thing worked. Real happy not to have trash kicking around on the desktop Paul
  16. jPaulB

    Trying to delete a folder

    Hi davidhk129, I didn't know I could do that. Nice easy way to delete things, but it didn't work. The "delete"/"move" routine keeps telling me: Could not find the item. It is not located in C:\Users\MyName\Desktop". Pretty weird, But thanks, and I like the tip. Paul
  17. jPaulB

    Trying to delete a folder

    Thanks Bassfisher6522, I installed and ran ccleaner, but it didn't seem to do anything related to that silly folder icon I have on the desktop. You're probably right though. It is probably a remnant of an install and then uninstall activity. After running ccleaner, I renamed the folder...
  18. jPaulB

    Trying to delete a folder

    Hi everybody, I'm trying to delete a folder that contains two files that I do not recognise. The two files are: Name Date Modified Type Size '.substr($m,0,2) file 0KB...
  19. jPaulB

    Device Manager and USB external storage device

    Thanks for the tips, Saltgrass. Sadly, doing all of that didn't change what I had hoped to see. Even when I plug in the external USB drive, it doesn't appear in any of the Computer lists. Have no idea why that would be, it is easily available in another computer. Thanks anyway -Paul-