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  1. williamkj

    redirect camera for a published app

    It works for my friend. In mstsc.exe, under Local Resources > More.. there is an option for Video capture devices. Which lists my webcam and Devices that I plug in later. I have determined that this option the an RDP file is the string camerastoredirect:s:* So what I have done is ran the...
  2. williamkj

    Transfer large amount of files

    can I transfer all data files of wordpress website to another platform without losing the sequence and any virus error? I need to shift it to other running porgram.
  3. williamkj

    Paint app for Windows 11 update for Windows Insiders brings updated dialogs and more

    Hey, I have used this method to download app. First, open this website and paste 9PCFS5B6T72H in the text field. After that, set the drop-down menu to the left of the textbox to Product ID Now, you will see a long list of files on your screen. After downloading the file, go ahead and download...
  4. williamkj

    Transfer large amount of files

    As per my opinion, Raysync. Dropbox. OneDrive is best for large files transfer.
  5. williamkj

    Gaming Performance

    Tips to play in Good Graphics Lower the Graphics Setting. Background Apps. Graphic Card Setting. Stream Games Over The Internet. Patching. Clean Your PC. Updating Your Drivers. Set Graphics Card To High Performance.
  6. williamkj

    PCs not showing on network

    I think you should restart your computer, open the Network and check if nearby Windows computers are displayed. If these tips did not help, and the computers in the workgroup are still not displayed, try to reset the network settings (Settings -> Network and Internet -> Status -> Network Reset)...
  7. williamkj

    Welcome to Windows 10 Upgrade and Installation

    Why is my Windows 10 not installing? Last week it works well but whenever i want to open the website it shows me an internal error. Suggestion required.