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  1. tbernstein

    Win 11 Start menu options

    I've heard that organising the Start menu in 11 is not possible. (It became pretty convoluted in 10). Is this true? I like ( or even need) to organise programme links, grouped according to purpose ( graphics, Office, internet, etc,) because I have lots of useful little programmes, many of which...
  2. tbernstein

    Duplicate printer driver

    Windows keeps installing a second copy of my (Canon) printer. One that is none functioning so that when users select the canon they may well be sending to the Canon Pixma (copy 1) - which doesn't actually talk to the printer, so the document just sits in that dead-end. I can delete it from the...
  3. tbernstein

    My Documents folder on C:

    My documents are all in a partition (labelled) "Terry" reserved for, well, my documents. They're in a folder called "My Documents". But in My Computer there is a "Terry" item too. Which relates to my log-in and is in the users folder of C: And that one also contains a "My Documents" folder. (My...