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  1. Hiram

    Update stuck and "“Your device is missing important security and quality fixes.”

    For a few weeks I’ve had a couple of issues, I don’t know if related, with Updates. It may have to do with the October 2020 update v.20H2. [only because I have seen it] When I go to Start/Power, I get two options: Update and restart, Update and shutdown. When I do either, it starts the update...
  2. Hiram

    Windows 10 Delete old available networks [Window 10]

    My cable company changed my router. I'm trying to get rid of some old available networks. [I also have an extender] I've forgotten them everywhere, including the settings and Command Prompt. When I go to Manage known networks, they don't show. But when I tap the wifi button on the system tray...
  3. Hiram

    Need fix: *Some settings are hidden or managed by your organization

    I've had my HP Laptop for a week. Today I noticed the above message. I consulted Google and apparently it's a common bug, corrected through running "gpedit.msc". But then I got a message that Windows couldn't find "gpedit.msc". I consulted Google again and found out that Global Policy Editor is...
  4. Hiram

    New Notebook Space Issues

    I just purchased an HP laptop with a 128 GB M.2 SSD Hard Drive. Besides the original setup and adding some basic programs, I've done very little in a week. But my C: Drive has already used 42% (only 69GB free) A further disk analysis shows that, of the total used, Windows has used 30%...
  5. Hiram

    Problems with Outlook Error!!!

    For the past two days, I have had no luck in sending emails due to Error 0X800CCC0E. I've tried everything on the Internet, but nothing helps. I've repaired Office 2016. (I'm subscribed to Office 365), without any luck. I apparently can receive, but keep getting the send error. PLEEEEASE...
  6. Hiram

    Start Menu Apps stopped working

    Today I realized that I couldn't open Settings/Change PC Settings (in Charm Bar). I also couldn't open the Store from the Start Menu app. Finally, when I tried to open an app on the Metro Start, it just went to my desktop. After much googling, I worked through the steps at this link...
  7. Hiram

    Can anyone recommend a FB app? Pleeease!

    I have a laptop and a Surface RT with Windows 8.1. I have a Nokia Lumia 920. I have an iPad2. My Facebook News Feed is very important to me. The News Feed on my Lumia's People Hub is perfect. Always posting all updates for my friends and the Pages that I have liked. I also have two iPad...
  8. Hiram

    URL shortcut icons

    I have pinned a number of url shortcuts to my Start on Surface RT. Is there any way to change the icons on these tiles. Thanks. :apologetic:
  9. Hiram

    Windows 8 Slow Restarts

    Hi guys: Is there a reason/is it normal for restarts to take longer than fresh boot up in Windows 8? :grumpy: Thanks and God bless. Hiram
  10. Hiram

    Windows 8 Lock Screen repeats

    I just upgraded to W8, from W7. so far so good. The only issue so far is that when I reach the Lock Screen (date, Wi-Fi, etc), I click enter, its says "please wait", then goes back to the Lock Screen. I enter, once again, "please wait" and back to Lock screen. the third time I click enter...
  11. Hiram

    Back after some time

    I got an email from the Forum, saying that I was missed. Truth is that all has been smooth sailing with W7, since my last post. I thank this Forum for all the help. I was going to take the opportunity to ask for Windows 8 reviews, but I see that there is a related Forum. Anyway, does anyone...
  12. Hiram

    CPU Load at max

    I have an Asus U50F notebook. Specs: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, Intel Core i3 CPU M330 @ 2.13 GHz, 4.0GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics. For the past three days, for no apparent reason, I get frequent intervals of CPU spikes of up to 100% load on both cores. I've checked Task Manager and Process...
  13. Hiram

    Windows Media Center issue

    Hi friends: I'm relatively new to W7, and have never really used WMC. I just set up WMC, but when I try Internet TV and some other features, I get an "unsupported country or region" message. What is this about??? :confused: I live in Puerto Rico, which is part of USA! Thanks
  14. Hiram

    Cannot access some programs with right-click

    I have a laptop which I upgraded from Vista to Win7. On it, there are a few programs, especially "File Shredder", which I access a lot with a right-click. But, upon buying my new Win 7-64 bit laptop, a number of these do not provide for right-click access. I have un-installed and re-installed...
  15. Hiram

    DVD/CD-ROM Drive problem

    Dear friends: This is my first post. I hope I do it right. I recently bought an Asus U50F notebook. Pretty good so far. But for the past few days, the DVD/CD-ROM E: drive disappears from My Computer. I go to Device Manager and it shows as disabled (Code 22). I proceed to enable it, and it...