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  1. Andrew Butler

    Printer Re-appears after being Removed?!?!?!?!

    I Took My laptop over to my friend's house The other day, and needed to print a document to give to him. I was connected to his wifi, and he has a wifi capable printer. I went to the "Network" Folder and clicked on his printer. Windows 7 automatically installed the driver, it worked flawlessly...
  2. Andrew Butler

    Windows 7 Exclude RocketDock From Show Desktop Button?

    Hello, The Title Pretty Much Sums up my Question. I Use Rocketdock, and would like to know if there is a way exclude Rocketdock from being hidden when showing the desktop. It Runs as a process and not an application, so this should be possible.....? Thanks in Advance, Andrew B.
  3. Andrew Butler

    Win 7 Forums Not Allowing Certian Words?

    Hi, Wasn't sure where to put this thread. Why are we not allowed to put the words : Dri-ver and er-ror in our posts, they are visible when editing, but are not once posted. Is There a Legal Reason For this? It's annoying when trying to diagnose a problem and the word you need...
  4. Andrew Butler

    Windows 7 Move To Other Monitor Button?

    Hi, I have a dual monitor setup, and I was wondering. How can I have a button next to the minimize button, to send the window to the other monitor? If it is maximized, it will be maximized on the other monitor, and vice versa. Is There Some Sort Of Registry Tweak to achieve this? Or Small...
  5. Andrew Butler

    Best Codec Pack For Windows 7?

    What Is The Best Codec Pack For Windows 7? Or What Do you guys use/recommend? I Have VLC Media Player, but I want to be able to use WMP for as much as I can, So I don't have to switch between programs. Thanks :) Andrew B.
  6. Andrew Butler

    PCI to PCI x16 Adapter?

    Does Anyone Know A Way To Put A Regular PCI Card, Such as a NIC, in a PCI x16 Slot? Also, Would It Impact the speed of the card? (increase/decrease) Thanks, Andrew B. :)
  7. Andrew Butler

    Windows 7 Flip 3D & Windows Update Taskbar Shortcut?

    These Might Be Considered A Dumb Questions..... Does Anyone Know How To Add A Flip 3D Button/Shortcut To The Taskbar? And Pin Windows Update To Taskbar? Thanks, :)
  8. Andrew Butler

    System Image

    I Have my laptop currently with it personalized to my liking, I'm going to build a gaming pc, is it possible to use a system image, to copy my settings/preferences, and tweaks, to my new computer, and not have to painfully re-install, change, and personalize everything again? or do you know...
  9. Andrew Butler

    DVI to DVI-D

    Hey Guys, This might be a silly question. I've been shopping around for parts to a PC i'm building. And came across a Nividia GeForce 460 Super SuperClocked+ 1GB GDDR5 online. But my question is the card has 1 HDMI output, and 2 DVI Outputs, but all the monitors that I like, have only...