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    Win7 RTM going to make history

    If the ease with which Win 7 Beta Bit 32 Build 7106 could be installed into a system board built in 2008 [ Zotac nForce 610i-iTX with NVIDIA MCP73 SERIES Chipset, Intel LGA 775 socket (I installed Intel celeron for this limited budget system) with just 2 Memory slots for max 4 GB DDR11 533/667...
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    My experience with Build Win7 x64 Build 7048 Installation on a new system with VISTA

    The installation on a SATA hard disk [ Seagate SATA 11 500GB HDD :ST3500410 SATA] with Windows VISTA X32 on partition 1 (200GB) after paritioning the free space was very easy ( similar to VISTA and better than XP) and rather fast in my System built on a PCChips P55G Motherboard , Intel Dual Core...