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    How delete a partition?

    Didn't help to delete the partition or what?
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    Windows 10 Partition Problems

    On an GPT disk, Windows does require a 450 MB recovery partition Windows 10. Since you have deleted Windows recovery partition, I suggest you create a recovery drive or system repair disc just in case. In disk management, you can only extend partition using the unallocated space next to its...
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    Help going back from Windows 10 to Windows 7.

    For people configuring their PCs for the first time all by themselves, an error message like “Windows cannot be installed on this Disk” can be a big time problem. One, the message explains little about its cause and second, most of us don’t really have a lot of experience in setting up systems...
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    Windows 10 "data" drive full

    This is odd. Please do update this. If you fresh install Windows 10 on a GPT disk(UEFI boot mode enabled), it does create a EFI, MRS(won't show in Disk Management), Recovery, and C: drive. If you install Windows 10 on a MBR disk, it only need System Reserved partiton and C: drive. When you...
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    Replacing HDD with new SSD drive on windows 10

    I would prefer the first method from the two. If I were in your position, I would probably use the third. I would clone Windows 10 to ssd with a free backup and restore software , such as AOMEI Backupper, as long as your ssd have enough space for the data on the hdd. If your ssd does not have...
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    Windows 10 and Hard Drive Upgrade Help Please

    Fresh install Windows 10 will be better, Windows 10 has done many things to optimize performances for SSD. You won't worry about the activation problem which has been fixed by MS. If you don't want to do fresh install, I 'd suggest you use AOMEI Backupper to clone system to ssd, which has an...
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    Windows 8.1 automaticly changes the drive from MBR to GPT

    Since that you can just convert GPT to MBR disk after windows is well installed with third party software , such as AOMEI Partition Assistant. it won't cause you data loss, at least it didn't happen to me. after the conversion, make sure legacy boot mode is enabled.
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    Window 10 Boot issues! ! !

    I suggest you check the sata port type setting. you probably had it set to ahci but if that doesnt work try the other ones until it does, if that doesn't help, you may have to format the hard drive and run a fresh reinstall of the operating system.