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    Space X Lauch This Evening

    My wife and I watched Space X this evening and she got some photos, so I posted them here: SpaceX Launch and Near Landing 2022-01-31 - General Observing and Astronomy - Cloudy Nights If the link doesn't work let me know.
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    Browser is managed by your organization

    For some reason without warning my Edge (latest version) picked up a menu label at the bottom on the “settings” panel; "Browser is managed by your organization" and the auto fill-in password scheme stopped. It took me awhile to look for the reason and to solve it, with a boat load of erroneous...
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    Compare COVID-19 Deaths per State using several sources:

    Heritage Foundation COVID-19 Death Rates by State Real Clear Politics Coronavirus Updates (COVID-19) Deaths & Cases per 1M Population | RealClearPolitics Johns Hopkins All State Comparison of Testing Efforts - Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center
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    New Dell Laptops with no CD Drive

    My daughter's 5-year old, Dell Inspiron 15 3000-3552 gave her the BSOD so after I diagnosed it to be unknown problem she bought a newer one, a Inspiron 15 3000-3502 with SSD and no CD drive. As long as we can remember laptops have come with CD's. Oh well, they need to profits so getting older...
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    Windows Live Mail URL Link Stalls Edge

    My Dell Inspiron 15 3000-3552 (Win-10, v20H2) developed a weird problem a couple of updates ago. I still use Win Live Mail-2012 (WLM) and the new Edge, so when I click a URL link in an e-mail it starts Edge but stalls out forever. Of course, I reinstalled Edge and WLM with no help. However, when...