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  1. wolfgang112

    Repair corrupt .PST & .OST files

    Repair corrupted OST file easily with OST Repair tools. There are few manual technique which is be useful to recover your OST data file. Certain Professional tools are also used for fixing crucial damages to OST File. Try this manual for OST repair using built-in tools: Repair OST Manually In...
  2. wolfgang112

    MBOX to PST Converter

    Hi folks, Found this nice utility software over Internet- MBOX to PST Converter. It actually convert all your email files and other related data (used by various email clients such as- Thunderbird, MacMail, Entorage) to MS Outlook. Outlook uses the PST data file which is varies from...
  3. wolfgang112

    Looking for software

    Thanks for sharing, Its great..
  4. wolfgang112

    Steps to Create Backup Copy of Excel File in MS Excel 2013

    can it saves the backup files inside the separate file or folder?
  5. wolfgang112

    Computer slows down whenever connected to the Internet

    Any software issue on your system. Try to reinstall the all latest driver for your pc or laptop.
  6. wolfgang112

    Slow computer - no idea how to reinstall windows

    Scan for any malware issue using windows defender. Perform chkdsk for finding any disk error for storing and retrieving data. Otherwise format the older one reinstall through some media by changing the boot priority from Bios setting.
  7. wolfgang112

    How would you rate Windows 7

    Awesome experience with Windows 7. Love a lot........:up:
  8. wolfgang112

    An easy way to convert PST to MSG file format

    Hi folks Are you searching for some expedite solution to convert any MS Outlook PST data file to MSG format. You are at the right place. Have you ever tried to drag the mail from Outlook applicatioin. If you haven't tried then you should do it right away. You wondered if you didn't perform this...
  9. wolfgang112

    Is there a good windows cleaning utility?

    Windows doesn't need anything to perform the cleanup process if you're using it as MS suggested. But if you use so many third party software then you are actually collecting garbage inside your system drive. Various software program which you download from untrusted sources might be causing the...
  10. wolfgang112

    Recover deleted file on xp

    You can easily recovery your Windows Xp data file using the Windows Data Recovery Software. A rich featured and highly recommended by many professional users. It recover lost data from both FAT and NTFS file systems. It provide support for latest Windows operating system. Try it out for free -...
  11. wolfgang112

    Ms Office Outlook 2013 Exports

    1. Synchronize your entourage mailbox data with any IMAP server. 2. Open your Windows Outlook and again synchronize the same IMAP server account with Outlook which earlier you have used with entourage 2008. 3. Find your entourage mail inside Outlook mail client. Hope it would be helpful.
  12. wolfgang112

    How to export .eml files to windows outlook 2010

    1. Try to synchronize mail folder which contain eml files with one of your IMAP account from your Mac. 2. Switch to Windows Outlook and configure the IMAP and SMTP setting by providing name and ports. 3. Synchronize the same IMAP account with Windows Outlook. 4. Find the eml mails inside the...
  13. wolfgang112

    How to import .eml files in outlook 2007

    Yes, can get your eml messages files placed inside a folder to a pst file. Manual solution for Eml to PST is widely used by some geek for preparing the solution for supporting users using various client applications. But there is no direct solution for this particular file conversion. You may...
  14. wolfgang112

    Learning is never ending process....

    Learning is never ending process....
  15. wolfgang112

    Import Thundebird Emails in Outlook 2013

    Thunderbird Mail Client saves mailbox data in a separate Mbox file for each folder such as inbox, draft, sent etc. If you already setup an account with Thinderbird your mails automatically saves in a mbox files. You just need to "save as" the desired files to inside some folder by right click on...
  16. wolfgang112

    Import Emails (Form Outlook 2011 for Mac to Windows Outlook 2013)

    You just need an IMAP account of any of the mail service providers and then synchronize your all mailbox data with that. Configure your Outlook account with the same web IMAP server account along with additional setting such as port no. After that, you can start receiving your files in Outlook...