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    WHEA UNCORRECTABLE error on Ryzen 5 3600

    I just build my system last month and it was running smooth until recently it started causing BSOD. Most of the times the error is WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR. The system stays at blue screen collected data but process never goes beyond 0% and have to reset the system. When system boots, it always...
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    Constant BSOD/Black screen Windows 10 New System

    Did it resolve your issue?? I have exactly same issue and nearly same build. ryzen 3600, Gigabyte B550M DS3h board. Corsair XPR 16 GB ram @3200 MHz, Adata swordfish 240 Nvme and AMD R7 265 graphics card. the system was running smooth until recently I started to received BSOD with error WHEA...