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    Can't reset, repair, or recover Win 10.

    I have an issue that I hope the experts on the board can help me solve. The short version is that I have a Win 10 Laptop that I wanted to use as a dual-boot Win10/Linux box. I used a Linux LiveUSB to attempt the install. Now I can not boot into, repair, or rescue the Win 10 partition. I am...
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    What are all of these hidden partitions?

    This is a 1TB HD with Win 7 pre-installed on a 100GB partition (C:) and a remaining 809GB or 811GB depending on what I use to look at it on a second partition (D:). I would like to partition the remaining 811GB (D:) however I ran into a confusing snag. Even though Windows shows only 2...
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    Can Recovery partition be backed up onto external media and then used later?

    I don't think this is a support question per-se so am posting here. If incorrect, mods feel free to move it. I want to do some partitioning of my hard drive and ideally would like to reclaim the space used by the recovery partition. If I copy my recovery partition (20GB) to an external HD or...
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    Once initial language is selected on install, can it be changed later? Windows Home Premium.

    I have purchased a brand new laptop with an OEM Windows 7 Home Premium. On the first boot it runs that wizard asking you to select locale etc. After doing some research I see that supposedly only Win7 Ultimate will allow multiple languages which is confusing since Home Premium is allowing me to...