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  1. g2c

    Windows 8.1 redirecting .bat output to a file

    Hello, I would like to save for further processing all the output of a .bat file. This .bat calls wget and if i call the .bat with >test.bat > test.txt the .txt file is filled with whatever dos prints to the screen but NOT the output from wget Thanks in advance for your help
  2. g2c

    Win 7: no option to Change window glass colors

    Hello, When i go to personalize i am not given the option to 'change window glass colors' but only to change individual elements color. I am referring to Many thanks for your help HP Pavilion dv9750ej...
  3. g2c

    Who is user?

    the hierarchy in widows explorer this pc -> c > users -> user -> <my files> BUT I can access my files with start -> guy -> <my files> My question: who is this USER whose workspace is same as mine? Why is it named USER? (and not, for example, guy) Thanks for your time
  4. g2c

    Power option not retained

    Hello, When i tick an option, e.g 'power saver' in the battery meter, it is not retained after a restart and he two radio button return to unticked. I could not get help from Asus: They want to reset the machine to factory(!) though I know it was so since the first day Any Idea? Many thanks...
  5. g2c

    how do one deletes forever the "Touch Keyboard" toolbar?

    unchecking it in the toolbar of the task band remove the icon only till next reboot(!)
  6. g2c

    How to install an older device driver

    Hello, I am trying to install an Intel wifi driver whose version is older than that installed and am getting "installation blocked - a newer product version is already installed". If i say in device manager that i want to upgrade and manually point it to an older driver folder it says "The...
  7. g2c

    cannot delete .db and shortcuts from the recycle bin

    Hello dear windowsForum friemds, Can someone please instruct me how to delete files with .db extension and shortcuts from the recycle bin? When i right click -> delete, I'm getting "are you sure" -> "yes" -> nothing happens. Thanks a lot in advance for your time
  8. g2c

    Personalization of the "wake from sleep" screen

    Hello, I could find how to personalize the "start" screen the "desktop screen" but not the screen i see when the machine wakes up from sleep. Could someone please help? Many thanks in advance for your time Windows 8.1