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  1. monk

    VIDEO Why Central Banks Want To Get Into Digital Currencies

    Most of money supply has been digital for some time. That is, with large transactions, numbers are adjusted in electronic accounts, as it is impractical to use bill and coins. Proof of ownership, etc., is achieved through legal, financial documents.
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    Why is clicking FireFox Home a problem??

    Scan the system for malware, e.g., the AV, MalwareBytes and others as secondary scanners, etc.
  3. monk

    Why is clicking FireFox Home a problem??

    Check Settings -> Home -> Homepage and new windows.
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    System file checker

    There are also programs like BlueScreenView that can help users identify the cause of the BSOD:
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    How do we remove unwanted tasks?

    What I did was use programs like O&O Shutup and Windows Privacy Dashboard. They usually come with features to import and export settings, create restore points, or go back to the previous or a factory setting. Next, I looked at the task scheduler and either disabled or changed the time for...
  6. monk

    Reviving Windows 10 on harddrive

    If you'll need a new copy of Win 10 for the new PC, then you can probably just insert the boot drive in it and re-activate the OS by buying a new key:
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    Firefox search bar gone?

    Hi, Click the hamburger menu, select "Options", then "Search", then choose "Add search bar in toolbar".
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    Windows 10 Renaming video file properties according to file name

    I was able to do that using MP3Tag: I clicked the "Change Directory" button to go to the directory containing the folders. Then, I selected all of the files listed and clicked the "Tag - Tag" button. For the field, I chose "TITLE" and for the format string, I...
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    How do I permanently disable Windows updates?

    Or maybe a repair upgrade first to retain data and settings.
  10. monk

    How do I permanently disable Windows updates?

    Or maybe a repair upgrade first to retain data and settings.
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    I Have Windows 7.... I DON'T Want Windows 10..... Is Windows 8 a Good Choice?

    Windows 10 is the best of the lot in terms of internals. Also, the others won't be updated in the long term. To make it look like Win 7, use programs like Open Shell.
  12. monk

    Can I re-use an Outlook 2013 installation when doing an OS reload on my PC

    I did an upgrade from Win 7 and 8.1 to 10 as well as repair installs, and all apps (and settings), data, and even desktop appearances were retained. But I had to make sure that I correctly selected the option to keep apps and data in the upgrade process.
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    Can we firewall a program in windows 10?

    I use a small program called Firewall App Blocker which adds programs to the Windows firewall.
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    How to Upgrade this computer to Windows 10?

    What I did for several PCs and laptops several months ago was download the media creation tool and run it to install Win 10. All of the programs, data, and even desktop interface (I used Open Shell with Win 8.1 to make it look like Win 7) were retained. I got the upgrades for free. This article...
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    Dual boot windows 8 and 7

    In case you only need Win 7 to run an old program, perhaps you can try doing troubleshooting compatibility on the program first to see if it will run. Otherwise, you can probably consider installing Win 7 in a virtual box: Finally, if the concern's the interface...
  16. monk

    How would you rate Windows 7

    Don't forget that security updates for Win 7 will end. To make Win 10 look like 7, I installed Open Shell. To run old programs, I tried troubleshooting compatibility. Otherwise, I installed Win 7 or XP in a virtualbox and ran them from those...
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    What Is The Cheapest, Lightweight, Antivirus Software

    Also, check out performance using programs like Novabench. For example,
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    Windows 8.2 Rumors Likely True: Start Menu Returns

    All I did was install Classic Shell (now Open Shell) and it looked like Win 7. I did the same thing for Win 10.
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    What Is The Cheapest, Lightweight, Antivirus Software

    YMMV. Try free or trial versions of various antivirus software and see what's the lightest. You can probably find out when you go to file explorer and try to view folders with lots of files, including those in external HDs, run various programs, etc.
  20. monk

    Is a anti-virus program needed?

    I need freeware, so I settled for the following: Bitdefender Comodo Firewall with HIPS, auto-containment, etc. Malwarebytes, Zemana, and eSet offline scanners for second opinion