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    Convert Win-10 ISO file to a Bootable DVD

    I was able to download Win-10 pro to my hard drive as a ISO file. How can I convert this to a bootable DVD. I am presently running Win-7 SP1 on an older computer with the following specs. Can somebody tell me if my computer systems are adequate for a satisfactory Win-10 operation. According to...
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    Get a blank Tab when opening a link in IE-11

    I am running Win-7 SP1 (pro) with IE-11. When I try to open a link by double clicking it, and holding the ctrl key to get the web to open in a new page. All I get is a blank tab. It opens in place of the old tab if i don't hold down the ctrl key. I have the same problem after I changed to a...
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    Cannot install SP1 in Win-7

    I can install all updates in Win-7 successfully except the SP1. Whenever I try it I finally get an error message (Error #80004005). I've tried the automatic fix but that doesn't do any thing. I have also tried to format my C Drive and load a Win-7 (Pro) with SP1 using a DVD from Microsoft. After...