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    Licensing question

    I am actually astound that it did not think of that, every version I installed in last few years, virtual or real was Ubuntu Desktop LTS. I newer stopped to think if there are differences, since they both use the same kernel. I'll read up on that matter. Thanks
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    Licensing question

    Thanks. Yes, the jury is still out on the Linux question. As a short term desktop environment I have used Manjaro and was happy with it, but as a rolling release its not ideal for a server. Ubuntu I do not like in recent few versions, seems a bit bloated, so I'll probably try Debian or some...
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    Licensing question

    Long story short, I am building a NAS device for which I have thought to use Linux, but after an few month excursion into Linux world I do not think it to be such a good idea anymore. It will be a Snapraid solution so I am free to choose if the system will run Windows or Linux solution. I...
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    Introduce Yourself.

    Hello Forum, I am using W10 for a little more then a year, still getting an occasional rage outburst or o_O❔moment, but I am hopeful that it will pass given enough time (long time W7 user). Thanks for having me here