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    Windows Developers still drinking too much Diet Coke!

    Whew! Using Microsoft operating systems from DOS to Windows, over the past forty years did not prepare me for the chaos created by Microsoft. I am very close to tossing the expensive Dell PC I purchased several years ago, and spending even more money on an Apple computer. The problem started...
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    Windows 11 source

    Rounding of corners must have been the hardest decision for them to make. What radius, etc.
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    Win 11 Start menu options

    I believe Windows 10 had a great start up menu, utilizing tiles in which you could group your applications by subject matter, as you are describing. You will not have control over the Windows 11 start menu except to arrange the apps in any order, but without regard to subject matter. And, you...
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    Windows 11 - upgrade or downgrade?

    I have utilized Microsoft operating systems since before Windows - using DOS and running Wordstar, utilizing dot commands to maneuver through the application. I feel I have some credibility for the couple of comments to follow because, computers, software, Microsoft (and even UNIX) were part of...