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  1. rbeldua

    VIDEO Use Ten Internet Connections at Once

    I've tried this just for the fun of it I want to see if it works and the result is amazing.
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    GFX Artists : Richard's Work

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  3. rbeldua

    GFX Team : Renaming GFX request to custom signature request

    since we have been doing a lot of signatures i would like to have your opinion on this matter, will it be better if we rename the request thread from gfx request to custom signature request? because it's easier for members to know where to request their signature. The word gfx (graphics) could...
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    GFX Team : How to Customize Profile Background

    Click My Profile>Customize My Profile In this page you can change multiple tab colors. * Here is the link for color code charts Html Color Codes you can pick any color of choice then copy and paste the color code in the color code box. * For the profile background you can change the...
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    WATCH: Live Streaming Video of the Lunar Eclipse

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    GFX Team : How To Insert Signature

    :clover: Signature size of your custom image at the maximum should be 700 by 200 pixels or 1.00 MB (whichever is smaller) :clover: 1. Click Settings [/IMG] 2. Click Edit Signature [/IMG] OPTION 1 [/IMG] 1. or you can copy the image code of your uploaded signature from any image hosting...