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    MUSIC Elton John IMPROBABLE DUET - George Michael & Myself - Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me - Cover

    This is my improbable virtual duet I sing with George Michael . This song "Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me" is a iconic pop & Gospel song of the 90's. Enjoy my cover and follow me @Wonfoli Musical
  2. Wonfoli Musical

    MUSIC Elton John - "The one" - Cover @Wonfoli Musical

    I play and sing Elton John - "The one" as Cover Follow me on @Wonfoli Musical Elton John sung this amazing collector called "The One". I decided to cover it. I overlayed organ with Tyros4 . Enjoy dear followers ! I love singing on Karaoke files you can find on the Internet. Next artist I will...
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    VIDEO Elton John - "Rocket Man" - Cover @Wonfoli Musical

    Let me share this cover of Elton John - "Rocket Man" I've made for fun. I play and sing "Elton John" - Rocket Man - Cover @Wonfoli Musical Elton John "Rocket Man" is a great but complicated song to sing. Whatever ! I simply like this song ! I like to Cover it on stage but it's very high...
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    Elton John - Sad Songs - Cover @Wonfoli Musical

    I play and sing Elton John - Sad Songs - Cover @Wonfoli Musical Elton John sings Sad songs in 1984. Sad Songs (Say So Much) is a nice song to cover easily. This song is exiting to play it on the piano in live music. In 2021, Elton John released cold heart song with Dua lipa.
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    MUSIC Elton John - Blue Eyes - Cover @Wonfoli Musical

    I Sing and play Elton John - Blue Eyes - Cover Follow me @Wonfoli Musical BLUE EYES is a nice song for crooners it's an ELTON JOHN classic song