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    Marking forum read, leads to an invalid link error

    I clicked mark forum read and received this error. It's a link I click every day. I'm not sure why I'm getting an error tonight.
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    Related to Skype Webcast email I recieved

    I'm not sure if I would be welcomed in the Skype Webcast. There are other issues I have heard about but here is my issue. I leave it here for you to discuss or ignore. With the risk of receiving another infraction over the same topic, I present the main reason behind why I quit visiting...
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    Site Header Question

    Is there a reason why the Site Logo and Name is shaded lighter than the rest of the site header? Link Removed due to 404 Error I'm wondering why the header does not look the same as the following image. Link Removed due to 404 Error
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    Greetings fellow Windows 7 users

    Hello Windows7forums!!! :p;) I'm new to Windows7forums but not Windows 7. I was a one of the Windows 7 Beta downloaders during the first part of 2009. I spent most of my time on w7forums and actually became Mod there. Sometimes I wonder if I am actually worthy of that title though. There is so...