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    Hard Disk Space Fluctuates

    hey guys, i have a win7 pro, Sony Vaio Laptop, 500GB Hard Disk with 4GB Ram. my hard disk space has been fluctuating for a couple of days. From what i was sure of, or at least the stable remaining memory left in my C Drive Hard Disk was around 5 GB or something, however today i logged and...
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    Slow Maximizing and Minimizing Windows.

    Hey guys, recently the problem started to occur. Basically, the windows maximize and minimize slowly sometimes. When i restart the laptop the problem usually gets fixed. But i cant just take this as a permanent solution to this problem. Is there anyway of fixing this? - I recently updated my...
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    " No Internet Access" - problemo.

    Hey guys, Well i am back at my house for vacations, and for some messed up reason, my laptop wont get connected to my home wifi. It used to work perfectly fine like a year ago, before i went for university. However, my vaio does get connected to the wifi when i connect it with the cable...
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    Microsoft Office 2007 Product Key?

    Hey guys, I recently formated my laptop: sony vaio win7 in-built 64 bit , Hard Disk: 500GB. RAM: 4GB now once i formated everything, i got many original softwares back which were pre-installed in my laptop. I click on word, and it asks for the product key. I didnt get a CD with...
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    Windows 7 What AntiVirus Should i install?

    Hey guys, My laptop: Sony- E Series Win7/ 64-Bit / i3 processor/ 4GB/ Hard Disk: 500 GB Current anti-virus: Microsoft Essentials I dont know which anti-virus to use. Everything for my pc was fine however yesterday i received: Win32/Cycbot.B, and MSE cant do much Can you please...
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    Gadgets Not Being Displayed

    hey guys, the gadgets used to appear, but not anymore.. check this out: i have re-installed the gadgets from the control panel... but they still dont appear, any possible solution to this problem? thanks a lot.
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    Disk dump problem.

    Hey guys, recently my desktop which has XP installed in it is not working properly. i hadnt switched it on for some 1-1.5 months as i was moving to a new country. the desktop is running on Pentium III. It switches on, and then after loading the desktop (start menu, icons), it switches to a...
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    Windows Media Player 12 Not working :(

    Hey guys, Recently my wmp12 which came with win 7 is not working. i dont know what happened. if i click on a audio file which used to work with wmp12, i get this: no matter how much i click on wmp12, it doesnt respond. i switched the feature off/on and even did a system restore, but it...
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    Windows Media Player 12 Problem

    Hi guys, recently there is this problem going on with my wmp 12 which i got with my new laptop installed with Win 7. what is this problem? i have turned the feature off/on and even did a system restore, but still no effect. is there anyway to fix this problem? thank you.