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    Net View works, then sometime later returns error 53, reboot router, works again.

    On W10 2h20 with all the latest fixes as of today. Don't know when this has started, but it is annoying. Only 2 PC's on the network LAN and a Printer (wireless). Just booted right now and it does work: ================= C:\>net view Server Name Remark...
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    Network Wireless USB 3.0 device doesn't always connect as USB 3.0.

    I have this USB 3.0 WIreless AC1900 device: It seems to randomly on booting come up connected to USB 2.0 or 3.0. Of course, the Internet Speed will be different, USB 2.0, around 250Mbps down (probably limited by the USB 2.0 transfer speed), USB 3.0, a little over 400Mbps which is my ISP...
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    6/11 update wiped out my system?

    Big problems today.... KB4465065 install. Said it would take some time, OK. Started d/l'ing. Took some time and then the reboot. Completed with a lot of disk thrashing. Then the reboot. Very long time and it said it would reboot a few times. Got to 27% slowly, with it staying at some...
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    Boot record messed up.

    This Dell XPS 8700 started out at Windows 8.1. Before I even started using it, I used Paragon's Migrate OS to SSD 4.0 to move the C: partition to an SSD and be able to boot to it. Prior to doing that I shrunk down the original C: to basically match the SSD size and created another data partition...
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    After W8.1 upgrade, wired network sometimes says 'cable disconnected'

    Start on the first boot to the desktop after the upgrade to W8.1. It reported it could NOT connect to a network. Once I got to the desktop I opened the NETWORK AND SHARING CENTER and DISABLED and ENABLED my NIC. That made the connection. All was OK for a boot or two after that. However, on a...
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    Is my MBR really 'broke'?

    OK, it seems my W8 system is possibly in a bit of trouble... I ran CHKDSK on my C: drive, and at the end saw this : ============= Errors detected in the Boot File. Windows has checked the file system and found problems. Please run chkdsk /scan to find the problems and queue them for repair...