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    Broke my computer screen. Need some advice

    Hello there. I just dropped my computer as I was carrying it downstairs. As you can see ,the screen isn't cracked or anything. But something from the inside is messed up. Not sure what exactly is wrong. And I'm not asking on how to fix it or anything. Because i know i can't . My question is...
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    Cd image of Ubuntu

    Well i downloaded a rar ubuntu (.iso) and i brunt into into a cd and when i booted it up it was nothing like ubuntu had showed on there website it was all blue in the background and i know this is not ubuntu ive seen it on utube anyways my question is how can i do this the right way? can...
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    How to find out who else is using my wifi using certain software?

    This last few days my net has become really slow in the mornings until 9 or 10 pm then it gets back to its original speed so i thinking that some one else might be using my wifi , i do have a password on my wifi but just to be on the safe side is there some kinda software that would tell me...
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    BSOD after my new win7 installation?

    Hi i just installed my win7 yesterday and i went to install adobe Photoshop cs5 and my whole pc just lagged and all of a sudden a bsod after that i did't get any bsod but today i left my pc on and run a virus scan and when i came back my pc has had bsod cause it said " your pc has...
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    A problem after upgrading

    Hi so today i installed win7 and kept my vista os so i could dual boot and so on but when i restarted my pc i did't get a screen asking me for : win7 or vista , took me to win7 loading screen , so i opened up my computer and my hard drive for vista there but it does't appear when i...