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  1. UltimateLordBear

    My desktop is broekn and I don't know why

    So I turned on my laptop and everything was fine. I played a game for a while and when I closed out this is what i was greeted too. All my chorcuts were gone, the taskbar was blank, everything was running slower, I can't really open anything. When I go from application to application with...
  2. UltimateLordBear

    Power Surge on the USB Port

    My brand new Alienware laptop just started spamming me this notification. Power surge on the usb port. It tells me to unplug all my usbs n i do, it just keeps sending the notification over and over again. The two usb ports on the left no longer work, but the one on the right works fine. the only...
  3. UltimateLordBear

    Windows 10 Program Font Sizes to Large?

    I recently purchased the Alineware 17.3, but some of my programs, like Malware Bytes, Pencil2D, and Open Broadcaster Software, the fonts are are to large to read. I'm putting some pictures of the problem. My computer has Nvidia, and Intel graphics drivers. I'm not sure if thats needed info. Does...
  4. UltimateLordBear

    Power Surge on the USB Port

    I recently purchased and starting using the alienware 17.3. Using two of the usbs, i put in my logitec mouse, and hyper x headphones. I got an error that said power surge to the usb port. I looked it up and uninstalled the software. It didnt work. The one usb on the right works, but the two on...
  5. UltimateLordBear

    Windows 10 uninstalled my mic

    Today I insatlled windows 10, and my asus laptop came with a built in mic, after installing windows 10, i look in recording devices and there are no devices listed. I try using a headset with a wireless mic, but it doesnt work. I think thats a problem with the headset though. Why did windows 10...
  6. UltimateLordBear

    Crtl V is now Ctrl shift V?

    So I often use Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V, and Ctrl + x for various things. Randomly, the binding for paste, Ctrl V, stopped working. After a little experimenting, I found out it had switched to Ctrl + Shift + V. After a quick google search, I found out a possible solution was uninstalling you keyboard...