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  1. nehoma

    Default Apps

    Hi I have not been on here for ages. Greetings Windows 10. I cannot set a default browser or a picture viewer in settings/default apps. I could before the A/update. Any ideas please
  2. nehoma

    Windows 10 After MS hijack, can't set default apps

    I have a similar problem.. I cannot set a default browser or a picture viewer in the settings/default apps ap
  3. nehoma

    Missing Spybot Pro in Win 10

    I am told that Microsoft has removed Spybot from computers. Mine has stopped working, the exe. file is missing.. Is this true? and how can I get it back. I had the Pro edition which I paid for.
  4. nehoma

    Restore Error

    Hi How ya doin? I think you are probably right about having to remove Norton 365. I tried some tips but not got anywhere yet. Nice to hear from you Peter
  5. nehoma

    Restore Error

    When I try to do a restore on windows, to any restore point I get an error message. I do turn off my firewall and anti virus when trying to restore. the error message is: uploaded as a file, hopefully
  6. nehoma

    CPU speed stuck at 800Mhz

    According to my CPU frequency monitors (Z and Aida64) my CPU frequency is stuck at 800Mhz.. A test of the CPU shows it reaches 3,5 Mhz But it does not go up and down under different loads. any Ideas please. CPU intel i74407K. 3500MHz Haswell Mother Board MSI Z87-GD65 Windows 7
  7. nehoma

    Very Disappointed with Windows 8.1

    HI I just want to say how disappointed I was with Windows 8.1. after a few weeks I. have removed it and gone back to windows 7. One thing I noticed after using cloud and getting a Microsoft account, the amount of junk email that I got almost trebled over night and even having gone back to 7 it...
  8. nehoma

    Installing xbox 360 receiver

    Hi, have forgotten your name. As you know I dont come on much these days. I was 80 last week, had a great party. I got the thing installed. I found a Microsoft help page that I had missed before. Thanks for your reply though Peter
  9. nehoma

    Installing xbox 360 receiver

    I have a wireless xbox controller and have bought a receiver for it.[ Win 7 x64bit] On starting the supplied CD it said cant install unknown error.,others have said this in a trawl through Bing. I have downloaded and installed Microsoft xbox 360 accessories but this does not seem instal the...
  10. nehoma

    sfc scannow not working

    After some thought I realised that "sacn now should be run in "Command prompt" and not "run" thanks anyway
  11. nehoma

    sfc scannow not working

    When I typeRUN "sfc scannow" nothing happens. It always used to work, but not now Any ideas please
  12. nehoma

    ASUS AI Suite 2

    Has anyone ever got the AI Suite that comes with ASUS MBs to install? When I bought my last Asus board I asked for advice on this and never really got a reply |Now I have forked out for a Sabertooth I find once again the AI Suit wont install. Alas Also I find that two of the memory slots dont...
  13. nehoma

    Corsair H80 liquid cooling system

    Hi, I don't get on much these days but at age 79 I am still computing among many other things and I wanted to tell you that | have just updated to Ivybridge. and installed the Corsair H80 liquids cooling. Now I don't mention this to boast but to say how great the Corsair H80 is I am now getting...
  14. nehoma

    Ivybridge and Graphics

    If an Ivybridge CPU is used on a P67 motherboard and the on-board CPU graphics is selected, where is the connection for the monitor cable?
  15. nehoma

    Network Buffer Size

    upload speed 0.35 Mbs Download speed 1.9Mbs possible speed 8 Mbs usual speed was 7Mbs plus or minus 500kbs
  16. nehoma

    Network Buffer Size

    Not virgin. I am with Zen on a BT phone line cant remember the diagnostics website. can you recommend one please
  17. nehoma

    Network Buffer Size

    Hi guys I am experiencing a slow broadband speed and a diagnostic test says the following:- "The theoretical network limit is 41.31 Mbps The NDT server has a 84.0 KByte buffer which limits the throughput to 5.02 Mbps Your PC/Workstation has a 63.0 KByte buffer which limits the throughput to...
  18. nehoma

    cant open DVD drives

    yes I have uninstalled it and written to the makers of the prog. Otherwise the problem is now resolved
  19. nehoma

    cant open DVD drives

    Hi guys, thanks, I have tried SFC and microsoft fix it and registry checker and all kinds of things; then I found that if I right clicked on the drive icon and clicked on "open", it opened. I then clicked on one of the tracks and it said "reinstall Itunes" which I did and it works. I had tried...
  20. nehoma

    cant open DVD drives

    Yes I have tried that and it has not worked. for good measure I tried it again. still not working