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  1. kgash

    Did AMD Radeon driver update now my PC won't enter timed sleep

    I've been having problems getting PC to sleep after a period of time. With some help from this forum, it was fixed a couple of months ago. Yesterday I had to reinstall drivers for my AMD graphics card and now I am back to the no sleep problem. Anyone have any ideas Windows 10 home 64 21H1 Build...
  2. kgash

    Random shut downs

    Recently I have been getting random shut downs (crashes), especially when playing simple Mahjongg type games. These crashes are now becoming more frequent and are extremely annoying. I tried to test the system using FurMark stress tester and it immediately crashed the system. The problem is...
  3. kgash

    Computer completely shuts down during update of Win 10: Version 1909 to 20H2

    I finally decided to upgrade my pc from 1909 to 20H2. The process was running fine, went through one reboot and continued installing then just shut down! I physically restarted and got a message that windows is undoing update which it did through several steps and I was back in 1909. A microsoft...
  4. kgash

    Can't ger rid of Onedrive on my PC

    I deleted Onedrive (or at least I thought I did) but now when I save a file to Documents it still goes to c: users/kgash/onedrive/documents instead of c:/users/kgash/documents. How can I change this behaviour. I no longer have onedrive.exe on my system. Thank you.
  5. kgash

    Computer freezes when wake from sleep

    I just completed my first build 2 weeks ago. I recently went to the AMD site and updated the driver for my MSI Radeon RX 5700 and ever since then, when I return from Sleep, the monitor freezes with a nice background but no mouse cursor and it is frozen. I have to hit the reset button to restart...
  6. kgash

    MS Account password doesn't work to open Windows Store

    My Microsoft account password works fine to log me into Windows 10 but when I try to log into Windows Store (of Skype, etc) it tells me the password is invalid
  7. kgash

    Cannot see file shares on network

    I have 4 PCs on my network, all running windows 10 (3 on 1803 and 1 on 1809). They are connected to a Netgear Dual Band router - 2 at 2.4 Ghz and 2 at 5 Ghz. Up until a few days ago, the network ran perfectly and I could share files from all computers in both directions. Now, I cannot only see...
  8. kgash

    Reinstall Insider Build

    I have been a Windows Insider since very early in the program and am currently on build 17101. My installed Windows seems to have picked up a number of problems that I cannot get fixed: 1. Windows Mail is broken and I have tried various fixes provided by MS experts and it stays broken. 2...
  9. kgash

    Windows 10 digital license linked to MS account

    Since my WIndows 10 is activated and linked to my MS account, does this mean I can change my motherboard and remain activated?
  10. kgash

    Microsoft Mail Problem

    Windows mail does not work. I cannot Manage Accounts. When I open the Manage window and click on any account, nothing happens. I cannot add or delete accounts. Mail does not come in on the accounts I have previously set. One of my accounts can send messages but it does not receive them; the...
  11. kgash

    Problem with Windows Backup and Restore

    I have been using Windows Backup and Restore in Windows 7 for over three years. I create an image of C: each night and also do a file backup of D: each night. This process is automated and has worked flawlessly for me. I do not want to change to another backup system. Yesterday, when I checked...
  12. kgash

    UAC Randomly Resets

    I have a new Windows 7 Pro 64x system and I decided not to use UAC so I set the slider to the lowest setting and rebooted. All worked well for a while but it appears that occasionally, when I reboot, UAC is reset to the highest value. I cannot find an event that causes this and I have not...