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  1. Cincinnatus

    W10 Cumulative Update (KB3140745) Fails

    I've been trying to get my laptop (HP Envy 15T CTO) to install Cumulative Update KB3140745 with no luck. The machine gets stuck on 'restarting', and I have to power off. I have tried to jump directly to 3140768 by way of a standalone file downloaded from MS, but my machine rejects it with an...
  2. Cincinnatus

    Adobe Flash Not Downloading

    I tried to update Adobe Flash on my system per the warning, and it just didn't want to install. The install utility launches, but when it connects to the Adobe Server, nothing downloads. I tried their uninstaller to remove the entire code from my machine, and it seems to have done the job, but...
  3. Cincinnatus

    Windows Update Won't Apply

    I keep getting a notice that KB3081438 needs to apply, it downloads and I manually restart the machine, but for some reason the patch isn't being applied. Any help out there for this? Thanks!
  4. Cincinnatus

    How To: Relocate User Profiles to Different Drive/Partition (SSD Friendly)

    For those of you who have SSDs, limited space, or just want to keep your user data on another drive or partition, I wanted to share the results of some experimentation as a followup to my own question on this subject. I know that there is another method of relocating the User Profiles to...
  5. Cincinnatus

    Relocating User Profiles/Storage

    I previously relocated my user profiles (and all corresponding files) to a separate partition under Windows 8 and would like to do the same with Windows 10. Can anyone confirm if the below method still works? I know there were many downsides an it was not supported by Microsoft - they...
  6. Cincinnatus

    Uninstall *ALL* Metro UI Apps?

    I'm running a non-touch laptop and have no use for MetroUI apps whatsoever. How would one go about globally uninstalling ALL of the Metro apps in Windows 10 so that they're gone forever?