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    Windows Explorer problem with switching focus

    I'm having a problem with windows explorer after clicking item on the navigation pane explorer doesn't switch focus to the folder list on the right it's still focusing on the navigation pane. Same thing with picture preview pane (Alt + P). You may not notice this problem if you are using a...
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    Windows 7 Right click to set a picture as cover (folder.jpg)

    If you have a large media library this tweak will be very useful. I have a large media library and I like to organize it for faster browsing with a covers, ablum art, poster ...etc I tend to rename pictures (only jpg files) to folder.jpg a lot this tweak will add an option to rename it to...
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    Times new roman, Arial, Tahoma fonts are missing

    I'm trying to restore firefox font setting but couldn't find these fonts Times new roman, Arial, Tahoma. tried notepad but no luck fonts still missing :( Is there a way to restore these fonts?
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    Problem with interface fonts

    After installing a game my interface fonts got missed up all I need is the original registry values from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontSubstitutes exported and uploaded here Thanks
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    Removing Vista praimary partition and keeping windows 7

    I'm very happy with windows 7 right now and I'm not using using Vista anymore. So, I want to remove it to save some space. I tried to delete vista primary partition from disk managment but it says "Windows cannot delete this active system partitionon this disk " Is there any way to delete vista...
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    Problem with internet explorer 8 in windows 7

    I have a problem with ie8. I can browse the internet with firefox but I can't do it with ie8 I tried to disable all addons but it still doesn't work. I don't really use ie8 i'm fine with firefox the problem is I can't browse the iTunes store unless ie is working. I think it takes the setting or...