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    Any scanner to find remote assistance/control programs?

    Hi All, Since remote assistance/control programs are not malware, but are used by scammers at times to set up unattended access to victims' computers, does anyone know of a scanner that will look for remote assistance programs? (They don't always show up in Programs and Features). Many...
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    Is there an FTPLib for Windows?

    Hi All, Is there an ftplib or some such for Windows? Many thanks, -T
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    How do I get the ip address of a NETBIOS name using WSD?

    How do I get the ip address of a NETBIOS name using WSD from the command line (not power shell). This is Windows Explorer (not IE) doing what I want, but I want to do it from the command line also
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    wism: Whose temps are these?

    Hi All, Whose temps are these? CPU, Mobo, HD? rem Admin <cmd> rem Results are in kelvin *10 rem °Celsius = (result / 10 ) - 273.15 wmic /namespace:\\root\wmi PATH MSAcpi_ThermalZoneTemperature get CurrentTemperature 3010 3030 Converting: (3010 ÷ 10) − 273.15 = 27.85 (3030 ÷ 10) −...
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    What is the difference between the ReleaseID and the DisplayVersion?

    Windows 10 Pro 21H1 Hi All, I am after the build (21H1). What is the difference between the "ReleaseID" and the "DisplayVersion"? "DisplayVersion" gives me the build???? Many thanks, -T C:\NtUtil>reg query "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion" -v ReleaseID...
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    Printers not showing in Devices and Printers

    Hi All, I am a consultant to small business. In my rounds, occasionally I comes across a printer that DOES NOT show in Devices and Printers (in the printer section or any of the other sections), but it does show in EVERY program that prints printer dialog pull down. And the printer prints...