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    Capital lock

    dear all The cap lock pop up is not showing nor the light glowing in the cap lock button. In the absence of this, it is very difficult to enter case sensitive passwords. I am short of ears and unable to hear beep sound. I shall be thankful if you will let me know how to enable pop up appears...
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    Reinstalling windows 8

    Dear sirs Some years back I bought a Dell Inspiron and they have installed windows 8.1. Then I took the opportunity to upgrade it to windows 10. Till February, it was working fine. Now it is behaving funny, produces coloured lines till it reaches certain point before enabling me work with...
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    Booting problem

    Dear all Windows 10 is not getting updated. After downloading 100% again and again this action is repeated. More over, when windows is opened, It is not as before. Some horizontal colour lines are appearing. It takes long time to open and the typing and movement of mouse take long time...