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    Local "Cloud" storage vs NAS?

    I'm working on networking our home. WAN to Cable Modem to Router to Unmanaged Switch in the Utility room (roughly the center of an ell-shape) (and WIFI APs on the west end and north end) to wired drops in selected rooms. So now I see mention of a local "Cloud" storage for a home. Say what? I've...
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    USB Network Attached Storage

    Is there an adapter to let me plug an external HD with a USB cable into a home network? Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
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    New Motherboard

    My Photoshop Computer is failing. I've had it in to a local shop 3 times since June.[emoji3525] First the SSD was replaced then it started quitting after the last Windows Update. Now it's back home after Widows reinstall (again) and I have yet to hook it up. I strongly suspect one of the MB...
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    Windows 10 update = NO Google Chrome?

    My Win10 desktop locked up last week. First Chrome would load only to quit after a short while, may 5 minutes. Then the machine wouldn't restart. I took it into the local shop that installed a new SSD about July (this year) and the tech gave it back saying he could not find anything wrong. WTF...
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    TP Link Mesh router + Bluetooth - No thanks.

    I'm working on networking our new-old (1995 vintage) house. It has already had some cable drops installed and all in the "wrong" places (well, duh). I looked at MoCA (2 different coax cable sets already in the walls) - $180.00/cable run? - I don't think so. Then I looked at MESH - interesting...
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    Backup software and routine.

    My boot 1tB SSD died. Now that it's replaced and I'm slowly back filling to get my win10 box back to where I was (the tech was able to recover 90% or so of my config) I'm determined to set a comprehensive backup routine. So ideally I'd like a routine set so that at shut down the machine...
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    SSD boot died.

    My custom Photoshop box refused to "wake from sleep" yesterday. Drive analysis showed the SSD corrupted.[emoji27] It's being replaced and I've got my fingers crossed. According to the Tech it was the last Win 10 update that screwed with the power settings evicerating the wake from sleep routine...
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    Where did my sound go?

    Seems like I saw 2 Win10 updates over the last couple of months(?). Anyway something has affected my speaker output. When I look at you tube videos I don't get any audio and have to run the troubleshooter. Whatever routine it runs fixes my no audio problem but having to do that everytime is a...
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    Passwords not being retained.

    My desktop is NOT public, wife and I only use it. So I'm not worried about saving passwords. But that function seems to have vanished with the latest win10 updates. Or is something else causing this? Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
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    USB Printer mini print server

    I'm wiring a new-old house for a network and I'd like to try putting an older, Epson Stylus 2200, inkjet directly on the network. Adding an extra drop is trivial but ... Epson never made these to be networked. Anybody made one of those mini print servers work? Good idea? Bad idea? What hoops did...
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    You tube sign in.

    What! I have to resign into you tube? When did that happen? Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
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    Terrible wireless speed.

    Yuck! While I'm waiting to get the house network drops installed I turned on wireless. OH MY GAWD. I think a slug is slowe6 buy I'm not sure. Can someone point me to tweaking the wireless settings so's I can at least get at least a reasonable wireless speed. Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
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    New Router, maybe.

    We are moving accross town, a few miles west. This gives me an opportunity to replace the home router. House is one story, block construction, 2500 SQ ft. Currently I have a LinkSys router with 4 drops and use wireless for wifie's Mac stuff and my Android. But ... what's getting my goat is the...
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    Copying (Backup) data files to an external drive.

    I have several external drives attached to my Desktop machine. One has Genealogy files, one is for Backups, another is for archiving Photography. When I work on the Genealogical files I like to bring an entire family folder onto the desktop, enter the current research and then have it copied...
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    Router name

    A power surge knocked out our ASUS router so I replaced it with a LinkSys. It's been working fine, no complaints, except that my Win 10 desktop still displays the network connection (wired) with the ASUS router name. I would like to change it to remind me that it's a new router. Firstly, should...
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    Black desktop

    WTF I got the latest update and it made my desktop background black. Whose idea is that? Ought to be staked out on a fire ant mound.