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    pc never restarts, requires power cycle

    ok, so i have a Z87M MSI board with 16gb of gddr 3 ram with a 4690k cpu. i also have tested with different cpu, ram and gpu with exact same results. Anytime i hit restart via the windows menu, it never restarts. it goes black and just sits there. the onboard troubleshot number says 00 and there...
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    windows 10 kills onboard mic and removes it from device manager

    On my new hp laptop, the onboard mic will work at times,. I will see it listed under input audio device under device manager, but sometimes windows kills the mic, and removes it from device manager. It has newest drivers. Its intel HD sound thanks
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    webcam installing as composite device in device manager

    Hello all. I just purchased a new webcam, logitech c270, because the laptop can not connect to its own internal camera. I hook the c70 up to the laptop, and it says device is ready and installed, but no matter what software i use, it fails to connect. I check device manager, and there are no...
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    port forwarding and openvpn

    scenerio: hamachi works fine and i can connect to the other pc just fine. I installed openvpn and can not get the port forward to work. I contacted my isp and port forward is blocked unless i buy a actual static ip from them. The network from them is ONE public ip that serves the entire 700...
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    Missing operating system after rebooting

    Windows 10 was acting uggiah, so i hit reatart, during restart, it said something went wrong and we are collecting data, now i get missing opperating system. This was an esucational version i downloaded from my university so it has no repair dvd. What do i need to do? Bios still sees the ssd...
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    wifi sharing over ethernet dhcp settings

    question. i am sharing my wifi over the ehternet to test something out. Is there anyway to change the default dhcp settings, since it makes my PC the host now, to a different network than the 192.x.x.x? I want to have the eithernet be in the 10.0.0.x network even though it gets the wifi from...
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    Insider Preview Laptop wont wake up with mouse or keyboard

    Ok, so i have my laptop setup to "do nothing" when lid is closed. I have it this way so i can use a monitor and have the laptop in a stand behimd the monitor due to very limited space. I am runnimg win10. I have a wireless mouse and keyboard hooked up. I went to device manager to ensure that...
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    Creative webcam instant

    Ok, so a LONG time ago, about 2005, someone gave me a Creative WebCam Instant. I want to hook it to my win 10 machine, but when i try and install the driver from the creative website, it says it only supports XP. Is there anyway to get this installed? i just need it for something simple. thanks...
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    reverse ssh

    A while back i posted about my ssh server not working. After trying protocol obfuscation, all sorts of port forwardings, and disabling all my firewalls, i found out from my ISP, that they do indeed block SSH at the service/protocol lvl on their edge routers. so this leads me to the following. I...
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    changing listening port on hamachi

    I have the free version of hamachi and i am wondering hoe to change the port from its default 12975 to something else? Thanks
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    reverse ssh

    I do not know how to reverse ssh as of yet, but for those that do, do you think its possible to reverse ssh off of one of these free sftp servers? thanks
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    Ssh help please

    Ok, after 6 months of no internet, we finally got internet at our apt complex. Its not the best, but hey, better than no internet haha. We got CenturyLink Ok, i know port forwarding works because i have a rule setup for tcp on 25565, allowing my friends public ip into my game server. It works...
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    1920by1080 was working

    Ok, so i got a new samsung tv. Hooked up hdmi to my r9 200 gpu and ran it at 1920 by 1080. It was great, filled up the whole screen and everything. Then i got curious and changed the resolution to 4160 by xxxx and it looked great, but now when i switch back to 1920 by 1080, it does not fill up...
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    Cant change public to private Xfinity unidetified network

    Ok, so here is my first issue. I live in a remote area for the moment. I used my sisters username and pass for xfinity to login to a router by me. Issue, i accedently set it as public, not private and no it doesnt work. It says unidentified network. Under properties of the card, it shows no ip...
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    Help with finding backdoor

    Ok, so i have been hacked. Even with rsa key, this person still gets in into my ssh server. I watched bitvise popup and say "accepting connection from china on ip 111.x.x.x" So somehow they are getting in and i do not know how. As of now, the server is turned off. here is a pic. So how do i...
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    What kind of bug is this?

    Computer froze, then 3 minutes later. This was on my screen.... Sent from my SM-S920L using Tapatalk
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    Throttled internet help

    Ok, so im having a very intereating issue with my win 10 laptop, again, haha. No matter what wifi i connect to, i can only download at about 24.1 KBps but any other device can hit the normal rate. I have tried multiple differnt files on the laptop and dame issue. I think i either have a bug or...
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    loading old webpages from 2004

    Ello all:) So, way back in the day of 2004 to 05, i took a ccna and ccnp class. The curriculum from cisco was done as swf files i think. Basically, you logged into a website and all the modules were interactive. Since they give you a hard copy to use offline, i used to be able to use it all...
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    Mouse pointer shows up on part of the screen

    So, i have this very interesting issue. During any gameplay of rainbow six vegas 2, WoW, and a couple of others, my mouse cursor pops up on a specific region of the screen preventing me from shooting, attacking when my mosue cursor shows up at those points. Its in the middle right portion of the...
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    Replaced drive, where do i download win10

    Ok, so my laptop came with win8, then i did the free upgrade to win10. However, i am in the middle of replaceing the bad drive in my laptop with a new 250gb ssd drive. here is the issue... Where do i download win10 from microsoft for free for my new drive since i had all ready paid for win8? but...