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  1. WinningBig

    How can I recover emails from offline MS Outlook data?

    Hello. I don't really know what you mean by this. You just can open the file and copy it. But I am missing some details probably. And I will share something that extracts emails from a ton of file times, here you go
  2. WinningBig

    Photos app Video Editor error: Can’t view this file type

    Yeah. Editing on a phone is a pain. And you will experience this pain no matter what. You can try this online video editor though. I use it on my laptop, so I have no idea how it will run on a phone, but you know, trying won't hurt. And I will recommend doing all the editing on PC anyway. I hope...
  3. WinningBig

    Windows 7 Favorite pc games?

  4. WinningBig

    How would you rate Windows 7

    Well. I use it and I'd rate it 10/10. Tried w10 and Ubuntu. I love windows 7 but vulnerability of this os disturbs me sometimes
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    Introduce Yourself.

    Hi. New here. Don't know what to say