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  1. Meowkatt

    File association

    Try zipping the video and sending that.
  2. Meowkatt

    When I click a folder visual studio starts

    Sounds like your registry associations may be incorrect.
  3. Meowkatt

    Can't reach main c:drive

    Are you trying to initialise a new drive with the same C: letter as your boot partition? Try attempting to change the drive letter to something else like E: or F:
  4. Meowkatt

    Glitch/Virus that moves my cursor to the bottom of my screen and spams the E key

    Ah, that’s a new one for me. In retrospect it’s something I should of figured out really. Ah well, so long as it’s working now :) the safe mode really got me there.
  5. Meowkatt

    Windows 10 Random Signouts? (Task Scheduler)

    Just to confirm, you can’t find this program in the graphical interface? If you’re struggling, you can enable task history and after a shut-down order the task history by the last hour. This may help you find the task you’re looking for if you can’t see it.
  6. Meowkatt

    Windows Developers still drinking too much Diet Coke!

    Yes, so the reversions for windows 11 are definitely a bit wonky. You can try using sfc /scannow in CMD to try and look for issues. Based on my experience, which admittedly isn’t a lot. People tend to gravitate toward re-installation, because even with a reset it can persist. This may just be...
  7. Meowkatt

    "Quick access" menu So, you can see the options to customise quick access in the privacy tab of options in explorer. You can also pin things to the quick access, useful if you want to...
  8. Meowkatt

    Old Computer

    So long as it is compatible with the port on your storage device, it is all good.
  9. Meowkatt

    Old Computer

    Check the port on the storage. Or send a picture of the label on the storage. This should let you use it on a modern device, providing its working.
  10. Meowkatt

    Hardware Problem? How do I fix my network driver issue?

    I’m thinking it’s a problem with the driver, though its interesting that the network driver didn’t show up. Depending on your board, say if its an ASUS: Download Center | Official Support | ASUS UK You can get the download link from the boards manufacturer. I’m guessing either the driver you...
  11. Meowkatt

    Unable to find Microsoft Remote Desktop Assistant in Windows 10

    Yes, that’s RDP. The RDP app in windows store is something that’s just more graphical. If you’re using RDP normally make sure to secure it properly, RDP is can be pretty insecure unless you take precautions. EG, not using it over internet unless you’ve got a tunnel set up.
  12. Meowkatt

    Old Computer

    So, like i said I don’t think it’ll be compatible with a modern motherboard. I don’t believe motherboard manufacturers still add old port compatibility from something that old. So you’l need an adapter to act as an interface to use it on a newer system as the current ones wouldn’t be compatible...
  13. Meowkatt

    Failed to initialize all required WMI classes

    So, with that command you have a few options: salvagerepository, verifyrepository (What you did) and resetrepository. You can try each in turn to see if that detects or fixes the issue first. Resetting will as you guess, reset the repository back to default...
  14. Meowkatt

    Old Computer

    I don’t know what make of computer you mean but assuming it’s not damaged and working, you‘d need to plug it into a compatible interface in order to try and receive data. There are IDE to USB adapters (I’m assuming that’s the cable type you’re talking about, if not you’d need to look into...
  15. Meowkatt

    Cant see device manager in gpedit.msc

    Have you tried undoing the registry edit? Setting it back to unconfigured?
  16. Meowkatt

    Cant see device manager in gpedit.msc

    What tutorial did you follow?
  17. Meowkatt

    Google Chrome and Adobe Acrobat - default opening

    Have you tried running a virus scan with something like malwarebytes? Or reinstalling chrome?
  18. Meowkatt

    different between restore point and creating restore img

    System restore backs up the windows files, it also won’t help you if your system wont boot or has some HDD/registry issues. Most people will suggest creating an image every now and again, and storing it somewhere so in the case of failure you can just rebuild completely from that image.
  19. Meowkatt

    How do I diasable virus checker?

    Antiviruses generally don’t work great together as they conflict, so a lot of features of windows defender are disabled when two are on the same system. If you don’t mind, I’m getting a little confused that now both windows defender and windows updates are causing such a havoc to your system...
  20. Meowkatt

    How do I diasable virus checker?

    Resetting the pc can fix most issues with windows, as it reinstalls the OS. If not, a iso image could also do it. it sounds like windows is trying to update, but the services you stopped or the settings already changed has caused a bit of a conflict. As usual, windows spazzes out and goes a bit...