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  1. rachelle038

    IE 8 slow to exit out when hitting red "x" button.

    My IE 8 always closes very quickly for me. I've never had any trouble exiting the application, but I must say I'm not really satisfied with its current browsing performance. Sometimes it hangs when I view a website with too many graphics or open several tabs at once. This is why I've decided...
  2. rachelle038

    Forget XP And Vista, Windows 7 Is Your New OS

    I was quite hesitant to upgrade to Windows 7 last year because I really loved XP and had everything I needed there. I even ignored Vista because I wasn't at all convinced by its features. I tried to hold on to XP for as long as I could, but when I tested a couple of PCs with Windows 7 installed...
  3. rachelle038

    10 great free desktop productivity tools that aren't

    Thanks for these amazing resources, reghakr! I've been searching for free productivity tools that are efficient and effective, and your post is exactly what I'm looking for. :)