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  1. HaffaWaffle

    Laptop Will NOT Boot Up :(

    I just ran the MSE offline virus cleaner and now when i try to start the computer, it get to a black screen with a little text bar blinking. it DOES NOT boot up, it just sits there blinking. It seems like I just keep getting more and more viruses even though I have MSE. THIS HAS PISSED ME OFF...
  2. HaffaWaffle

    Windows 7 Conhost.exe being called by unknown source.

    I have been having trouble with this "conhost.exe" being called from somewhere And when the .exe drops off, whatever application i am in will either minimize or lose focus.:mad: I was told to post my .arn file in the security section by Usasma. Can anybody help? WafflesAutoRuns.arn
  3. HaffaWaffle

    BSOD after Avast and Malwarebytes Scans whole computer.

    I just scanned my computer with Avast and when it was done, the laptop bluescreens. Same thing with malewarebytes.
  4. HaffaWaffle

    Windows Randomly Minimizing - Autorun Files

    I was told to post my .arn autorun file in this section. My windows randomly minimize and lose focus on their own. I couldn't upload the file to this website, it says it is an invalid file. so i uploaded it to mediafire. Link to .arn file: Link Removed due to 404 Error
  5. HaffaWaffle

    Applications Randomly Minimizing???

    If I start up any application that i have to type in, every minute or so it is like the mouse clicks off the window and I cant type until I click on the application again. Same thing with any Full Screen application, (game, video, ETC.). While an application is running full screen, every minute...