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    Your connection is not private: certificate has been revoked- error

    When i try to visit to get update fixes and to update my account I get the error message that my connection is not private and the certificate has been revoked. This happened when I tried to go to the website to install the security software that I have purchased...
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    Possible OS Hacked- Strange Folder and Files after new install

    I have been having strange computer problems for some time. I notice that the pictures and graphics are either morphed, altered or exact pictures of people I know, my friends, or other notable people that seem to be fit into the advertisements, pop ups or substituted for the regular images that...
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    Extent less than minimum error when formating unallocated drive space

    After re-installing my OS I noticed that I had lost a massive amount space. It automatically set up a c drive with approximately 100 gigs of space and an additional d drive with only 9 or 10 gigs of space. I looked in the disk management settings console and noticed multiple entries with a disk...