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  1. Interlocutor1980

    How to Disable Startup Sound in Windows 11

    Hoping by following the above reply your problem will be solved...
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    Windows 11 My theme is Not working on win 11

    May be compatibility issues. I suggest you to use Windows Store themes. Simply open Windows Store and search for themes so there you get lots of beautiful themes and they work fine on your pc.
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    Device plugged in but not recognised

    Seems that your system files are corrupted. Why not you reset your computer or Clean install Windows to get rid of all these problems...
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    Windows 10 freezing problem

    Some of your driver is the culprit, Check all your drivers and update them by downloading from manufacturer website. Restart your computer then shutdown the computer wait of 1 or 2 minutes then start your computer hoping this time your computer will be normal.
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    Device plugged in but not recognised

    Restart your computer and check for updates if any then plug in your Microscope, Some of the time simple computer restart solve most of the problems. If persists then uninstall the driver and restart your computer after restart check for updates and wait till windows itself install the required...
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    What does this blue box mean?

    Its Normal...
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    Tips & Tricks for better performance of Windows 11

    Improve your RAM and use SSD. Nothing to do with any settings and tweaks...
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    Installing Windows 11 by removing appraiserres.dll file

    Above answer gives you the understanding regarding TPM. Just follow one of the installation guides available on youtube. Its simple and easy and nothing to worry about supported and unsupported computer because Microsoft gives you all the updates whether your computer in supported or not... Go...
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    Unable to enable Random hardware addresses in Windows 11

    Simply Reset your Network Settings, Computer restarts automatically. As computer starts connect to Network and then Check, Hopefully your problem will be solved...
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    Wifi keeps disconnecting randomly

    Reset your Network Settings and your system automatically restarts. After restart I hope your problem will be solved. If no then download Network Driver from manufacturer website and install. Hoping your problem will be solved...
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    Windows 11 Screen Flickering after laptop turns on!

    This is Graphic Driver issue. Download driver from manufacturer website and install after restarting your problem hopefully your problem will be solved.
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    Gmail Problem

    First check that your Mail App is updated. If its already updated then try in resetting this app and restart your computer. After restart check Mail App and Sign in. Hopefully your problem will be solved...
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    Text in light mode issues

    Good to Know and in case of any further problems do let me know.... Regards...
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    Windows 11 - 22000.132 is out.

    After updating kindly share your experiences.
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    Uninstall *ALL* Metro UI Apps?

    Uninstaller and Cleaners are craps. And i strongly request and suggest not to use these.
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    Windows 11 Widget Problem solved 22000.132

    Just updated and reviewing all my system regarding fixes which are mentioned by Microsoft on their official page.
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    Windows 11 Widget Problem solved 22000.132

    Widget problem solved in windows 11 latest build 22000.132