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    Windows 10 Nobody can answer - logs

    Unless you have a full-disk image backup from then, this is very unlikely. Even if you have shadow copies or something similar enabled, as far as I know, it only captures user directories, not system directories. I don't see how a login from two years ago would be relevant now.
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    How to find out the original directory from the number in CHKDSK logs?

    From a log file in "C:\System Volume Information\Chkdsk\": Deleted invalid filename Screenshot - 10112018 - 00:02:18 PM.png (793220) in directory 464. I understand why the file name was recognized as invalid, due to the colons, which are unsupported by Windows. Looks like the screenshot was...
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    Cannot access external DVD drive in Windows Explorer

    Is the DVD itself a DVD±R or ±RW? If it is a ±RW, you perhaps need to reformat it before being able to write to it again.
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    How to limit Blu-ray disc writing speed in Windows Explorer to the same speed as the reading speed?

    When I put files onto a Blu-ray disc through Windows Explorer (which uses UDF 2.60 for its Live File System), it writes at the drive's full writing speed. Throughout the writing process, Windows Explorer intermittently reads data, apparently the directory listing to check whether files were...