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  1. Gavin Oscur

    Windows 7 PST file corruption??

    Hello, Outlook PST File might be corrupted due to the following reasons like Power Failure, Virus or other Malicious Software, Terminate Outlook Abnormally, etc. Instead of copy/paste you can export your Outlook PST File because copy/ paste somewhere generate error. I have a question to you...
  2. Gavin Oscur

    Task manager

    To fix this issue, you just have to do some required changes in Task Manager settings. 1. Set Priority In Windows Task Manager window > Select Program any program by right clicking > Set priority > Below Normal Sometimes system processes, such as services, it won't let you change. Firstly...
  3. Managing Emails in Outlook 2010

    Managing Emails in Outlook 2010

    Microsoft Outlook provides many tools for managing email attachments including folders, rules & categories. You can use these helpful tools to organize emails in better and secure way.
  4. Gavin Oscur

    How to show keyboard language indicator in SysTray/Taskbar?

    To overcome this issue, please follow the steps are given below: Open Regional and Language Options – Start > Control Panel > Date >Time > Language & regional options> Click on Regional and Language options. [ Language icon is available only if you have already added multiple language in...
  5. Gavin Oscur

    Outlook and ICloud

    To Uninstall Icloud on Windows 7, please follow the steps are given below:- Go to the control panel click on programs and then click uninstall/change program Find iCloud then double click in it and follow the instructions. Change the Default Outlook Data File
  6. Gavin Oscur

    Icons Disappearing from Desktop

    Hi jmille92, That new feature is ‘System Maintainence Troubleshooter’. You could try to turning it off. System Maintainence Troubleshooter- Turn On or Off Those Desktop icons will not show on your desktop screen unless you have them turned on. Even when turned off, they will always show in...
  7. Gavin Oscur

    Send Mail by Task Scheduler

    I found few posts from Google regarding this issue, might it helps you..
  8. Gavin Oscur

    Mozilla Thunderbird problem

    You should Uninstall old version of Mozilla Thunderbird and try to install another recent version, hope it works..
  9. Gavin Oscur

    Windows update error 80070020

    Hi, I found one Microsoft KB article regarding this error, might it helps you...
  10. Gavin Oscur

    Computer C partition is in low disk space

    Hi, This issue can be resolve by following multiple random methods 1. Check Free space on hard-drive & Empty the Recycle bin 2. Delete Temporary Files and Directories from your system by using Disk Cleanup Options 3. Defragmenter the Hard-drive 4. Remove Unwanted Programs 5. Adjust System...
  11. Gavin Oscur

    Boot Manager Error 0xc000000f

    Try this-
  12. Gavin Oscur

    Windows 7 - Can't create New Folder

    I have seen the same query in technet forum regarding this issue, Hope it helps..
  13. Gavin Oscur

    Windows failed to start" error (0xc0000225); 2 days and no solution

    Try this-
  14. Gavin Oscur

    (Spanish) Oxc000000f

    To fix this issue, follow the instructions given in the following Microsoft post, This post carries some useful information regarding this issue, might it helps you..
  15. Gavin Oscur

    remove Recent folder from Windows Explorer

    I am working with Windows 8.1 environment, So I haven’t tried this method personally in the environment of Windows 7
  16. Gavin Oscur

    Is there any way I can disable the "auto-show" of the task-bar while in "auto-hide" mode ?

    To overcome this issue, you should uncheck the ‘Auto-Hide the Taskbar’ from the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties. If the Above solution not works in your case then follow the steps are given in the following post-...
  17. Gavin Oscur

    remove Recent folder from Windows Explorer

    To fix this issue, please follow the steps are given in the following link -
  18. Gavin Oscur

    Something keeps turning on "Auto-hide the taskbar" in my Control Panel

    To resolve this issue, please follow the given Microsoft post, might it helps you..
  19. Gavin Oscur

    Good maintenance software for windows?

    CCleaner is the good maintenance software for Windows..
  20. Gavin Oscur

    "windows media player has encounter an error while playing the file"

    Hi found one forum post regarding this topic, might it helps you-