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    Hello I have a question i wilt try to make it as understandable as i can. I have 2 drives drive C SSD drive D HDD. In May I had my windows operating system reinstalled . There was a filed called file history which I saved on the D drive in there was desktop and pictures I found some picture in...
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    support assist

    ok this may not be your expertise but i wll post to see if amy one else ias having problems with s. Ever since I have updated to the latest version of it. The hardware scan failed every time all i get is exc command failed Dell says it is a Dll issue and that i need to...
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    i think after a windows update my Logitech webcam is not working like it did before the update if that ius even the problem any way the problem i a having is I have windows 10 home on my pc and have-Logitech webcam C525 hd webcam installed. about a month ago before any recent march...
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    20H2 update

    windows 20 h2 update this is the craziest way to get updates for new versions. I tried a month agao to update to the 20H2 update and all I accomplished is a messed up computer i had to have a complete reinstall because after the ypdat i had multiple errors had Clsid errors on task...
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    windows update history not showing up

    I try to to to view windows history and notjing shows up. I check windows updates says Iam up to date. last up that was in stalled was on Fe 12 ran trouble shooter rans sfc scan now and showed no errors thereis nothing in view update history. i have had a dell tech look into he claims...